Success Stories
Having just finished the fourth and final CPA exam, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Gleim Publications, Inc. for the great service and study ... [cont.]

Clay Williams
I would like to thank everyone at Gleim for their help and support in passing the CPA exam, especially the personal counselors who are such an integral ... [cont.]

Dawn M.
The Gleim self-study system turned out to be one of the best investments I have made in better positioning myself for the future. The structure of the ... [cont.]

Mark Whittemore, CPA
I spent half my time studying then half my time just taking practice tests. There are only so many ways the examiners can ask you the same information ... [cont.]

Anna Riley
Gleim was amazing! I was able to study at my own pace. While others were doing the Becker course with extremely long chapters, I was able to easily do ... [cont.]

Melanie Kalisek
I used Gleim to prepare for the CMA several years ago (the previous four exam format). I comfortably passed all four parts first time through. Last year, ... [cont.]

Bill Oaks
I used the Gleim CPA Review to help me pass the CPA exam. The material was very thorough, and the suggested studying method really helped with keeping ... [cont.]

Robbie, CPA
The Gleim Review System allowed me to work at my own pace in a format that was conducive to my learning style. The Audio lectures were great for listening ... [cont.]

Antionette Sehon, CPA
I am writing this review because I am one of those people who are skeptical about reviews, I decided to give It a try after reading the success stories, ... [cont.]

Dan Ssozi, CIA, CPA
I'd like to thank the Gleim team for helping me passing the CPA exams from the first time while working full-time. ... [cont.]

Mahmoud Saad, United Arab Emirates
While I was studying for my CPA, I utilized everything Gleim had to offer: I used the book while studying in my car during my lunch break (I enjoy the ... [cont.]

F. Shen, NC
I have passed the last part of my CIA examination today and have qualified as a CIA. I have passed the CMA, CPA ... [cont.]

Ramakrishna(Ram) Vasudevan, CIA, CMA
I found Gleim very convenient, very easy to understand, especially with the additional audio explanations and text ... [cont.]

Ivana Mathias, CPA, CIA, Canada
As I mentioned, "Gleims" as they were affectionately known as when I was an undergrad from 1980 - 84 were extremely helpful for the tougher core ... [cont.]

Joe L. Wusterbarth
After passing the first three sections of the exam with a competitor, and then failing my last section (REG) twice using that material, a friend recommended ... [cont.]

Hannah Lehman
When it comes to CPA study materials, dollar for dollar, Gleim is by far the best on the market! The designed study approach is top notch. Even after spending ... [cont.]

Bradley B., CPA
I graduated college in August of 2002 and sat for the CPA exam when it was still paper. Well, I did not pass then and it has been 11 years since I studied ... [cont.]

James Gill
Gleim was instrumental in helping me to achieve a 97 on my first exam section (AUD) and I now have that much more confidence in being able to prepare for ... [cont.]

Derek Macri
The Gleim system works! I passed REG with a score of 86. I followed the system as outlined and it worked. Gleim's ... [cont.]

Clarissa D. Wilkerson, Northern Virginia Community College (Loudoun Campus)
I have passed FAR with a 93, and REG with an 88 using your systems. They rock!

Peter Ferrell
As a working person with a child at home, the Gleim system was ideal. It's broken down into manageable sections so I could make the best use of frequent, ... [cont.]

Adam Leonard
My favorite thing about Gleim is their massive multiple-choice test bank. Each question includes a good explanation of why the right answer is correct ... [cont.]

Mark O'Donnell
I took a competitor and hated it when I was preparing for the exam. Someone told me about Gleim and I studied for all four parts with the text. This gave ... [cont.]

M. Kent Thompson, MBA, CPA
Just want to say thank you to the accounting professionals that helped answer questions while using your CPA test prep and simulation software. I recently ... [cont.]

Amy B.
I will definitely recommend Gleim to others. Gleim gave me everything I needed to sit for and pass all 4 parts of the CPA exam. It was inexpensive and ... [cont.]

Nicole Plain, CPA
I passed the CPA exam a few months ago. I always share the great experience I had using Gleim, how helpful the study materials were to prepare me for each ... [cont.]

Richard E.
Current Gleim products are really excellent. We can do multiple-choice questions wherever we want, using mobile ... [cont.]

Tae Nagino, CPA ( not in public practice)
I did not use Gleim when I first started studying for the CPA exams. Before I started using Gleim, I failed three tests consecutively. I had to reassess ... [cont.]

Danielle Gocklin
Thank you, Gleim! I was able to pass all four parts of the CPA Exam using only Gleim. The study plan works if you follow it.

James Hunt
I just passed my last exam - all on the first attempt. I remember one question on BEC, and one on REG, that I could not remember studying. Other than that, ... [cont.]

Helen Burke, CPA
It helped me use my valuable time efficiently and prepare for the exam well despite my busy schedule at school and later at work. Extremely helpful was ... [cont.]

Ernazar Eshmuratov
I would recommend the Gleim program to anyone looking for a study program for the CPA exam and would personally use it again if I continue on to pursue ... [cont.]

Hope Francisco
I passed the final part of my exam in July. I found out early August. With Gleim only, I passed them all on the first try!

Katelyn Choo
When I first started thinking about the CPA exam, I had no idea which study materials I would choose. I eventually decided to use Gleim because of its ... [cont.]

Seth Strasberger
I used Gleim products to pass the CPA exam. I was able to pass each of the four sections on my first attempt using the Gleim study system. The study books ... [cont.]

Jill Schutte
Thanks to Gleim, I have passed what I thought would be my most difficult section on the first try. Gleim gave me the material and information needed to ... [cont.]

Nicole Plain
I passed all four sections of the exam! First try. AUD 89, BEC 87, FAR 89, REG 81

Justin Haut
BEC Was my final section. Just found out I passed! Passed all four sections on my first attempt within a 4 month time period. THANK YOU GLEIM! Will definitely ... [cont.]

Courtney Riebe
It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that I passed the BEC exam on 08/07/2013 with a score of 90. With this I have completed all parts of my CPA ... [cont.]

Jay Sen, Dubai
Thank You to Team Gleim for helping me succeed in passing all four sections of the CPA Exam on my first try and under a year. Gleim was the key to my success. ... [cont.]

Sameer Lawate
I just received my FAR scores on the second of August and I have passed. This was my last part and I have qualified as a CPA. My scores were BEC-82;AUD-91;REG-77 ... [cont.]

Ramakrishna (Ram) Vasudevan
Passed REG (86), FAR (84) and AUD (78) on first attempt thanks to Gleim! Haven't taken BEC yet, but I am hoping it will follow the same pattern! Very satisfied ... [cont.]

Courtney Riebe
I have used Gleim to prepare for all of my exams without supplementing any other study materials such as [competitor name] or [competitor name]. I have ... [cont.]

Jordan Pierce
Yes, I would definitely recommend Gleim to any candidate! The database of questions was superb, and adequately prepared me for every exam I took.

Brittany Amador
I passed the EA Part 1 Individuals today. Gleim materials are amazing. This makes 10 exams in a row passed with Gleim! 1 more and I am done.

John Dykeman, CMA, CPA
I have to say that I never thought I would have passed all four sections on the first try. Gleim was key to my success. I am a Gleim supporter for life ... [cont.]

Thomas Welch
I can't tell you how much I appreciated the Unit Summaries of Core Concepts. It helped so much to review those in the couple days prior to taking the exams. ... [cont.]

Lacey Eastgate
Each chapter was well organized with clearly defined headings that made it very easy for me to navigate the material with expedience and efficiency. Even ... [cont.]

David Ellis
I passed auditing section on first attempt. Having only taken a five week online auditing course in all my undergrad and grad education, I relied heavily ... [cont.]

Vivienne Ross
Thank you, Gleim, for helping me to complete the CPA examination process quickly. After many months of preparation and multiple attempts using a different ... [cont.]

Douglas Jimerson
I was guided by Gleim step by step towards the ultimate target of passing the exam with sufficient knowledge to ... [cont.]

Kulothungan Sachi, Dubai, UAE
A huge thank you to my personal counselor and Gleim for helping me succeed in passing all four sections of the CPA exam on my first try and under a year. ... [cont.]

Lisa from MN
I passed FAR with an 89 using the Gleim suggested study steps. My friend who used a competitor also earned an 89. What does that tell you? (*cough cough* ... [cont.]

Justin Haut
Gleim is wonderful! I would have never believed 8 years after my bachelors I could pass 3 sections all on the first try and within five months. I could ... [cont.]

Thomas Welch
I have used the Gleim review courses to study for both the CPA and CIA exams, and they were instrumental in helping me pass each part of both exams on ... [cont.]

David Edwards, CIA
The Gleim approach helped me pass the CPA exam plain and simple. I particularly like the multiple choice questions and spent countless hours going over ... [cont.]

Paul M., CPA
The Gleim system helped me by organizing the material into manageable pieces that were thoughtfully organized. I also appreciated the self-pacing of the ... [cont.]

Thomas Henrikson, CPA
Guaranteed A+ for any CPA candidate! Recommend to any and all future students or anyone sitting for the CPA exam.

Justin Dorner
I want you to know I'm extremely happy with your system, especially for the money. I'm happy to say I've successfully passed AUD and FAR on my first attempt, ... [cont.]

The timeline provided by my counselor was very helpful in keeping me on track. I fell a little bit behind (between life, a full-time job, and 3 kids...), ... [cont.]

Meredith Griffin
Passed with an 88 on the first try. Study material prepared me for the test, and there was little unused study material not utilized in the test. Very ... [cont.]

Thomas Welch
I just got my Audit score, 81! Your material made the difference. This was my second attempt to pass this section. My previous attempt was using another ... [cont.]

Joyce Bailey
I have been out of college for 10 years and was very nervous about testing. But using Gleim I was able to pass FAR on my first try.

Corrin Lord
The Gleim Review System really worked for me. I am working full time and I needed a review system that I could access anytime after work. I found the Gleim ... [cont.]

J. Issagholian, CPA
I felt the Gleim FAR review really prepared me well for the exam. I really enjoyed the set up of each sub-unit and the quality of multiple choice questions. ... [cont.]

Joshua Laramy
I haven't seen the majority of the material for FAR since 2005. With Gleim I was able to pass on the first try with an 81. To be so removed from the material ... [cont.]

Thomas Welch
Where I live and come from, most people study from other study materials. I decided to follow the crowd and started studying for the BEC exam from one ... [cont.]

Mohammad Hassen, CMA
Gleim was a great system to help me pass the CPA exam. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a product that prepares you for whatever question ... [cont.]

Heather Brown
I just want to say "thank you" for the excellent study material. I took another study course for the REG exam 3 other times and did not pass. Using your ... [cont.]

Dan Wright
An accountant friend of mine had recommended Gleim to me and it really paid off. The Gleim system worked well for me, personally. The ability to study ... [cont.]

Russ Elliott, CPA
I like the Gleim CPA Review because of the many tangible benefits it has to offer. The system is substantially less expensive than the other providers ... [cont.]

Chipimo Musanya, CPA
One of the critical elements for successfully completing a certification program is choosing the right exam prep ... [cont.]

Robert Crow, CPA, CMA, CFM, CIA
The Gleim materials were a key component to successfully passing all four sections of the CPA exam the first time in just two testing windows. The materials ... [cont.]

Dell R.
I have used Gleim CPA Review and I am glad I did. The benefits of using Gleim were that it was an online program hence accessible anywhere and anytime, ... [cont.]

Mohamed Abdullahi, CPA
I graduated with my accounting degree in 1990 and spent the past 18 years being a full time stay at home mom. I knew that I would need to pass the CPA ... [cont.]

Meg E.
As an international candidate for these exams, my target of learning is the framework of thinking developed in U.S market. I appreciate the structure of ... [cont.]

Amigo Yang, CPA
I found the Gleim Review System to be very comprehensive, outlining the material in a concise, accurate, and easy to understand manner. I also liked how ... [cont.]

Nemanja Savic, CPA
Thanks to Gleim I was able to pass all four sections of the CPA exam within a six month period last year. My scores were AUD - 79, BEC - 88, FAR - 81, ... [cont.]

Jack Millman
I used the Gleim Review System exclusively to help me to prepare for and pass the CPA exam. The Gleim system helped me to establish and stick with a study ... [cont.]

Christine Marble, CPA
I passed all 4 sections with scores greatly exceeding 75. The main thing I liked about Gleim Review Systems for passing the CPA exam was how the information ... [cont.]

Kyle Boehnlein, CPA
I used Gleim Review materials to prepare for the CPA Exam. I'm happy to report I was able to pass the four sections on the first try. I couldn't have done ... [cont.]

Dave Loverude
I have used Gleim materials and found that Gleim is very useful for achieving professional qualifications. I had ... [cont.]

Sheji Valiyakath, CIA, CMA, CPA
The Gleim review system's great strength is its flexibility. The different components were all helpful, and I used all of them, but I was able to lean ... [cont.]

Nathan Snider, CPA
I passed the CPA exam in November and I used Gleim for only the AUD retake. I wish I would've discovered this software earlier. I especially like that ... [cont.]

Matt Garza
Gleim got me through just in time. I was approaching my 18 month deadline to complete all 4 sections and had failed the REG section two times. Feeling ... [cont.]

Jeremy D.
I used Gleim for the Audit and Attestation Section of the CPA exam. This was my last exam and I really regret that I did not use the Gleim materials in ... [cont.]

Petya Stoycheva, CPA
I have passed all 4 sections of the CPA, in large part thanks to Gleim!! I'm a believer that the study program offers candidates the proper tools they ... [cont.]

Ryan Griffin
I have now passed all 4 sections on the first try and am able to put that part of my journey behind me. Thank you for my Personal Counselor's encouragement ... [cont.]

Michele H.
The Gleim CPA Review System puts all the tools in your hands that you will need to pass the CPA Exam. If you have a busy schedule that requires you to ... [cont.]

Trevor Kroll
After struggling for over a year to pass two parts of the CPA exam while using another CPA review program I decided I needed to make a change. I chose ... [cont.]

Alex Brau, CPA
I am very excited to have finally passed my final section with the help of Gleim! Before using the Gleim materials, I had taken and failed the REG section ... [cont.]

James McDonald
I recently completed my CPA exams. The Gleim tools were invaluable and well suited for professionals that are on the run. The audio provided reinforcement ... [cont.]

Justin Wiedeman, PE
I used the Gleim system to study for my EA exam and passed all 3 parts on the first try. After this successful endeavor I used Gleim for my CPA preparation. ... [cont.]

Adel Madbouly, EA
I completed the last part of the CPA exam in November 2011. I wanted to thank the Gleim team for helping throughout the exam. Gleim was the best way for ... [cont.]

Kris G. Hetager, CPA
I used Gleim to help me pass the Auditing section of the CPA exam. I have since used Gleim to help me pass Part 2 of the CIA exam. I am currently using ... [cont.]

Meagan L.
After using 2 other very popular CPA exam preparation materials, I still could not pass the CPA exam. I finally switched to Gleim and using the materials, ... [cont.]

Wendy Farmer, CPA
Not only did Gleim help me pass the BEC section of the CPA exam, but I also used it for Parts I - III of the CIA ... [cont.]

Michael Bertha, CPA & Accounting Manager
The Gleim products helped me pass all four sections of the CPA exam on my first attempt within one testing window. The exam was exactly like the practice ... [cont.]

Bela Toledo
I struggled with the exam for a while. Part of the reason was because I couldn't find the focus I needed to study and the other part was because the test ... [cont.]

Sara B.
Gleim CPA Review materials helped me because of the number of Questions about one topic and the type of Questions, direct and indirect questions. Those ... [cont.]

Khalid Kalboneh, Jordan
Thank you for the effective role you played in preparing to take the CPA exam. I was very nervous, but your program enabled me to pass each section the ... [cont.]

Grant Ropp
I just received my score on the Regulation part of the CPA Exam with a score of 82. The study materials in the Gleim Review System fully prepared me for ... [cont.]

John Dykeman
I have officially passed all sections of the CPA exam on my first try using Gleim! I got a 93 on Audit which was my last exam! I would certainly use this ... [cont.]

Virginia Jones
I began taking the exam about two years after graduation. I used Gleim because of a recommendation from a professor and the great value Gleim has over ... [cont.]

John J.
I just got my last score in the mail today, 92 on my REG retake. Thank you Gleim for being by my side every step of the way. I couldn't have passed the ... [cont.]

Carrie Sliss
I debated whether I could complete the CPA 14 years after college, but Gleim gave me everything I needed at a level I could understand. As someone working ... [cont.]

Courtney M.
Gleim really works! I used the Gleim CPA review system, and I was able to pass all four sections of the CPA exam within two exam windows. The study counselors ... [cont.]

John Ng
I'm happy to report that I passed all four sections of the CPA exam on the first try, all within two testing windows. I was studying for the CPA exam ... [cont.]

Jennifer McCune, CPA
Thank you, Gleim! I passed each section of the CPA Exam the first time I took them! I attribute my success to Gleim's well-structured study systems and ... [cont.]

Tom Withers
I passed all four sections, because Gleim CPA Review worked so great for me. I was very happy with the result. I would definitely recommend the Gleim system ... [cont.]

Salih Elnair
I have successfully completed the CPA examination, and passed all sections on the first try with Gleim. My scores on the exam were BEC - 86, FAR - 93, ... [cont.]

Matthew Trine, CPA, MBA
I recommend Gleim study materials to everyone I meet who is preparing for the CPA exam. I tried another company's materials for one section and Gleim was ... [cont.]

Leif Stein
When compared to a competitor I previously used, I felt much more comfortable using Gleim Online. Gleim was easier to use, took less studying time per ... [cont.]

Ross McKinney
The Gleim CPA review system was just what I needed to get through the CPA testing process! I would like to personally thank everyone at Gleim for their ... [cont.]

Katie Hawley, CPA
I purchased Gleim at the time the CPA exam was doing its very first computer testing. Since no one had taken the computer version, there was no one to ... [cont.]

Kathryn A. O'Donnell, CPA
Thanks to Gleim for providing me excellent review materials, simulations, multiple-choice questions, online unit tests and practice exams. I must say, ... [cont.]

Bhumi Shah
I am overly thrilled with the results I received from using the Gleim CPA Review System. Some of my graduate courses used the Gleim books as our class ... [cont.]

Clair Jenkins, CPA
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Gleim for the comprehensive and well organized study materials that you produce. Thanks to the ... [cont.]

Eric Quattlebaum, CPA, CMA
I passed the Audit and Attestation portion of the CPA and this concludes my journey. I would definitely recommend Gleim CPA course to all the CPA candidates ... [cont.]

Eduardo Cruz, CPA
The GLEIM Review System was simply amazing! Complex content was broken down into easily conquered study units, and the GLEIM support team provided encouragement ... [cont.]

Crystal G., CPA
I was very happy with the results I got on the CPA exam using the Gleim study materials. I passed all of the exams on the first try and had them all completed ... [cont.]

Lauren Freund, CPA
Gleim is the perfect combination of value and thoroughness. As someone who had to complete the CPA program within ... [cont.]

Kevin L. Cohen, CPA, President, KCG Accounting, LLC
Gleim was recommended by one of my accounting professors. He told me that it was less expensive and contained the proper format for a successful attempt ... [cont.]

Nathaniel Crawford, CPA
Gleim definitely worked for me! What I liked best about the Gleim system is that it breaks up the material into several different lessons that are much ... [cont.]

Kathy Vuong
I found Gleim's system to be the easiest way to practice multiple-choice questions and learn what I did correct or incorrect for each question. Their system ... [cont.]

Logan Bowles, CPA
As I prepared to start the review course, I re-read System for Success and decided I would "work the program" the way Gleim suggests. Through all ... [cont.]

Stewart Maxso
The Gleim system worked great for me. I took a test each testing window this year and passed each one with no score below an 82. I finished my accounting ... [cont.]

Phillip Buell, CPA
I think your material is excellent and I recommend it in my undergraduate and graduate auditing classes as a reasonably priced review for the Exam.

Prof. Stan Lindquist, CPA, PhD, MA, BA, Grand Valley State University
I would like to thank all the people at Gleim! I recently passed my CMA Part 4, and completed my journey to pursue ... [cont.]

Li-Yih Chiu, CPA, CIA, and CMA
I used Gleim in 1996 and was a Gold Key award winner in Kansas. Not bragging for me, but for Gleim. Your product ... [cont.]

David O'Bryan, Ph.D., CPA, CFE, CMA; Pittsburg State University
I would just like to let the people at Gleim know that I have successfully passed all 4 parts of the CPA exam on the first attempt. I scored 93 on REG, ... [cont.]

Ryan Byers, CPA
I wanted to take the time to thank you for preparing me for the FAR section of the CPA exam. I would have to say that I was only able to pass the exam ... [cont.]

N. Coleman
"I passed the BEC section with an 86. Thanks for all your help. I don't see how anything could beat the value Gleim gave me for AUD and BEC. I have ... [cont.]

Beverly Farley
I took your self-study CPA Review course and was very, very pleased with the results. I passed all four sections in the same sitting. The materials were ... [cont.]

Mark Lesser, CPA
Thank you very much for a great value, I definitely credit Gleim with helping me pass. Doing the questions over and over again really was the trick, and ... [cont.]

Brigid D'Souza
I have just passed the last section of the CPA examination. It took me 12 months to finish all four sections with scores as follows: REG - 95, FAR - 86, ... [cont.]

Emiko Rhodes, CPA
I had used Gleim 20 years ago when I passed the CMA--so there was no question that I would choose Gleim again [for the CPA exam]. The study material was ... [cont.]

Kenda Jeske, CMA
I cleared the Uniform CPA exams on the first attempt during August 2009 scoring 78 in FIN and REG, 80 in AUD, and 93 in BEC. For my preparation I depended ... [cont.]

I just received a passing score on BEC, my last section. I used Gleim CPA Review to study for all the sections. I was not an accounting major in school, ... [cont.]

Daniel Barber
I would like to thank Gleim for helping me to pass all four sections of the CPA exam the first time, with all scores an 88 or better.

Ann Kovacs
I'm as pleased as can be with the Gleim CPA review course. As a 50+ year old with a career path away from accounting, preparation for the CPA exam was ... [cont.]

Chuck Atkinson
I have successfully passed the CPA exam, and I am officially licensed! Gleim was great to work with, and I appreciate the help!

Crystal Dorsey, CPA
Dr. Gleim's years of experience and extensive knowledge of the CPA exam enable him to produce the finest review materials. The Gleim CPA Review System ... [cont.]

Jonathan Cameron, MPA
I must say that Gleim WORKED for me!! I bought your online course, Test Prep CD and books for FAR and REG. I followed your study guidelines and studied ... [cont.]

Sherie Reid, CPA
Thank you, once again, Gleim! Two years ago, I successfully passed the CMA exam using your materials. When I decided to take the CPA exam, I had no doubt ... [cont.]

Bonnie M
I have passed all 4 papers of CPA in one attempt with an average score of 84%. The instructions for study were so clear and systematic that it was ... [cont.]

Sanjay Lokapur
I passed all four parts of the CPA exam the first time - thanks to the Gleim system. It was perfect for me and my situation.

Jeri Ferguson
I want to thank all of you at Gleim for the great products you provided. I just completed my final section of the CPA exam in Texas. I passed each section ... [cont.]

Robert Zopp
I wanted to let you know that I used the Gleim CPA Review materials as my primary resource for my CPA exam preparation, and I am happy to report that I ... [cont.]

John K.
To recap, that's a 91 AUD, 92 FAR, 83 BEC, and 99 REG. Gleim apparently works pretty well. I will recommend it to others. Thank you for your assistance. ... [cont.]

I am very happy to report that I have now taken and passed all four sections of the CPA exam with the use of your materials. I enjoyed how well the ... [cont.]

Carol Snider
...the changes in general were excellent and improved studying tremendously. Very user-friendly and flows easily with the eyes.

Laneita Littleton
I just took all four parts for the first time in November (one per week) and received my scores: BEC 89; AUD 88; REG 95; and FIN 92. Your study guides ... [cont.]

Richard Waler III
I purchased your Gleim CPA review in August 1977 (it may have been your 2nd edition). That's after taking one of your competitor's twice. I passed ... [cont.]

Gerald Keating
I am so impressed with Gleim study material. Before using Gleim, I had passed one section but failed twice on another when using a competitor's materials. ... [cont.]

Helen Yamazaki
I am so impressed with the Gleim study material. I followed the recommended study procedures in the book and online. I passed all four sections on the ... [cont.]

Kelly O'Leary
I took my audit portion of the CPA exam for the first time and just got my score back yesterday. I passed with a 90! I used the Gleim AUD book and ... [cont.]

Tad Johnson
I am so glad it's all over - the CPA and then the CIA and I'm also glad that I did it with Gleim. I had considered using some of the more expensive prep ... [cont.]

I have recently passed all 4 sections of the exam. I found your study material to be very effective and will recommend your product to any CPA candidate. ... [cont.]

Alan Vanhorn
I felt that the Gleim Auditing materials were very useful in helping me take the exam. I felt like I was sufficiently prepared while taking the ... [cont.]

I cannot thank you and the staff at Gleim enough for the tremendous help that the Gleim system provided me in my pursuit of a passing grade on the CPA ... [cont.]

David DiTommaso
I've found Gleim's materials to be very helpful in preparing me to take the exams. Thanks to Gleim's materials, I passed AUD, REG, and BEC on the first ... [cont.]

Allen Burbey
I passed all four sections as of August 2007. I just wanted to say Thank you for such a great review program. It saved me a lot of money. Thanks again ... [cont.]

Mario Dianese
I used Gleim Test Prep software for MCQs and their online-simulations for the FARE and REG exams. Both the products I used were wonderful from day 1. First, ... [cont.]

Anshu Varanasi
I wish the Gleim CD based training and tests were around when I took the CPA exam in 1976. My wife had been a student of Professor Gleim at the University ... [cont.]

James Williams
Utilizing Gleim study materials, I was able to pass each section of the CPA exam on my first attempt. I would highly recommend the study materials offered ... [cont.]

Ken Bryan
I am happy to report that I passed all four parts of my exam already and thankfully do not have to study anymore. A big thanks to Gleim for their program. ... [cont.]

Rhonda Rachal
I started using Gleim Publications after a recommendation from a friend of mine who had used Gleim books. I was ... [cont.]

Ian Davies, Cary, NC, Former CPA candidate
I became a CPA in February. Gleim, hands down, was the best method to study. Thank you very much for your products!

Susan Crawley

CPA Review System

The Gleim CPA Review System includes books, Test Prep, Audio Review, CPA Gleim Online, Simulation Wizard, Exam Rehearsals, and access to a Personal Counselor for all 4 sections of the CPA exam. This system allows busy CPA candidates to optimize their limited time through intensive review of all available materials.

You will have access to Gleim Online, Test Prep, Audio Review, and the Exam Rehearsals immediately after your purchase of the CPA Review System. Begin your preparations right away!

Your materials are guaranteed current 18 months from date of purchase, and the Gleim Online portion of the CPA Review System has a money-back guarantee. With Gleim, you are guaranteed success on the CPA Exam!