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CPA Experience Verification Service: New from NASBA

February 16, 2017

cpa experience verification

The journey to becoming a CPA involves meeting several requirements for licensure, one of which is the experience requirement. While this requirement differs depending on the jurisdiction involved, the majority of state boards expect CPA candidates to complete 1-2 years of work in public accounting, and this work must be verified by a CPA. Until recently, you had to know a CPA, either by working with or reporting directly to him or her, in order to receive this verification. However, NASBA now offers a special service that enables you to have your work experience verified without actually knowing a CPA.


REG CPA Exam Section

February 6, 2017

reg cpa exam section

The CPA Exam contains four sections, each of which covers the significant topics within particular areas of accounting. Of the four sections, Regulation is the one devoted to the areas of federal taxation, business law, and business ethics. The majority of the REG CPA Exam section addresses federal taxation, so it can be one of the easier sections for candidates with tax experience as well as one of the most difficult sections for those without. Certain qualities of the current REG CPA Exam section mitigate its polarizing focus, but the release of the next version of the CPA Exam scheduled for April 1, 2017, will diminish these qualities with its changes and render REG a more universally challenging exam section.


Achieving Dual Certification as a Student

January 20, 2017

dual certification

Hey students! Did you know? You can secure a salary increase early on in your career by achieving dual certification!

The two most valuable and respectable accounting certifications are the CPA and the CMA.

dual certification

Benefits of Dual Certification

These prestigious designations offer a variety of benefits, including

  • An impressive resume: Future employers will look very favorably on a potential employee who has demonstrated so much determination and discipline at such a young age.
  •

Gleim Smart CPA Review

January 3, 2017

The next version of the CPA Exam has been looming for a long time, and the official launch is now just months away. The changes effective April 1, 2017, will create an increased emphasis on higher order skills and make the exam more difficult overall. Unlike other review providers, Gleim CPA has always employed the proven teaching methods that address these skills. Our powerful new Smart CPA Review Course adapts to your review needs so you can study smarter and pass faster, all while developing the deep comprehension now required by the new exam.


CPA Exam Blueprints: What You Need to Know

December 15, 2016

CPA Exam Blueprints

When the changes the AICPA has planned for the CPA Exam take effect on April 1, 2017, the exam will look very different from its current version. The most significant change will be the new focus on testing higher order skills. To help candidates prepare for this adjustment, the AICPA has created and released CPA Exam blueprints. The blueprints delineate the content and skills the exam may test and will replace the CPA Exam Content Specification Outlines (CSOs) and the Skill Specification Outlines (SSOs). Candidates transitioning from the current exam to the next should understand the differences between the blueprints and the CSOs/SSOs, and candidates just beginning the CPA Exam process will benefit from knowing how the blueprints can help them prepare.


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