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June, 2015
Gleim is a very thorough review course with materials that match, and at times exceed, the rigor of that found on the actual CPA exam. Throughout my exam experience, I have consistently found the Gleim Test Prep materials to be even more rigorous than the exam itself. It is hard to imagine any other review system offering so much value for such a reasonable price. My Personal Counselor was always available to offer study tips and encouragement throughout this difficult process. I am grateful to him for all his help.
Jamie McFadden

June, 2015
The Gleim Review System allowed me to study at my own pace by breaking the study units into concise, logical sub-units. The formatting was easy to follow and understand. Additionally, I felt like the information that I studied matched up to the content on the exam, for the first time. Gleim helped me feel confident in the material I was studying, as well as dispel the mystery and intimidation of test day by providing a mock test in the Review System. Everyone learns differently, but if you need a structured study plan and a support system then Gleim is for you. I used other preparatory materials in the past and felt a general sense of confusion and lack of direction on test day. However, with Gleim, I had a schedule, a study plan, preparation tips, and a support staff that was always available to help me reach my goal. After several failed attempts using other materials, I made the switch to Gleim, and passed all four parts on my first try. I cannot express how grateful I am to have found this company; Gleim delivered beyond my expectations.
Morgan Hopkins, CPA
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