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December, 2014
The Gleim Review System is fantastic! The introduction book, System for Success, explains everything you need to know about each of the exams, and how to successfully prepare for them. I had a ton of questions regarding the exams answered by reading that book, and I would highly recommend reading it before starting the study process. The review courses are set up very well and have a ton to offer. The three phases (assessment, knowledge transfer, application) are set up brilliantly. I would consistently score in the 60s on my pre-tests and after completing the knowledge transfer and taking self-study quizzes I would score in the 80s-100 on my post-tests. The thing that I liked the best about Gleim is that while there is a recommended study strategy, you are free to customize it to what works best for you. The layout of the review system components is the exact same format as the actual exam, so there are no surprises come exam day. The material coverage was thorough, and the full length practice exams are a really useful feature. I never felt surprised or unprepared on exam day. What I would (and have been) telling friends who asked about Gleim is that if you're willing to put the work in, you WILL pass using Gleim.
Lucas Dorn
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