CPA Testimonials

What our customers have to say about Gleim study materials.
(All letters, emails, and comments are reprinted with permission.)

December, 2013
Current Gleim products are really excellent. We can do multiple-choice questions wherever we want, using mobile devices. I spent time studying while commuting, at lunchtime, waiting the line, etc. Gleim will help you with your deep understanding of each topic. I think Gleim is slightly more difficult than other materials. I am thinking of also taking CMA in future, so Gleim CMA review will be strong advantage. Gleim is kind of my lucky charm - using Gleim, I passed a section each window (three in a row), even BEC which I cannot count how many times I failed previously.
Tae Nagino, CPA ( not in public practice)

December, 2013
I did not use Gleim when I first started studying for the CPA exams. Before I started using Gleim, I failed three tests consecutively. I had to reassess my system because I was doing something wrong and running out of time. I was working full time and studying every other minute I had. It turns out I was not using review information that was in depth enough to pass the exams and I did not understand the material to a sufficient level. My concern was paying for a more expensive review system, but I found quickly that the price of Gleim was reasonable, and I was spending much less money than if I had kept failing exams. I did not fail anymore exams once I started using Gleim. I still had to put hard work and long hours into studying, but now I had the right tools to study with. With Gleim, I passed FAR the very first time I took the exam! My counselor was there with me throughout the whole process. He called to make sure I had everything I needed to be successful and he really cared and wanted me to pass the exams. It was nice having someone who understands how difficult the tests are cheering me on. On exam day, I recognized all of the major topics I was tested. What a great feeling!
Danielle Gocklin