CPA Testimonials

What our customers have to say about Gleim study materials.
(All letters, emails, and comments are reprinted with permission.)

May, 2013
I was guided by Gleim step by step towards the ultimate target of passing the exam with sufficient knowledge to handle the real life situations which is expected out of a professional passing the exam. Using the Gleim system, I gained confidence to address any king of unknown question or situation to think logically and apply the knowledge. I will strongly recommend Gleim as I tried another package. There is no comparison.
Kulothungan Sachi, Dubai, UAE

May, 2013
A huge thank you to my personal counselor and Gleim for helping me succeed in passing all four sections of the CPA exam on my first try and under a year. My goal was to pass by the end of 2012 and I did just that. The study material was very thorough,easy to understand, and the multiple sources of testing materials were great. Also, the personal counselor is a great tool for advice and questions that you may have along the journey. I would recommend Gleim to anyone pursuing their CPA or any other certification.
Lisa from MN