CPA Testimonials

What our customers have to say about Gleim study materials.
(All letters, emails, and comments are reprinted with permission.)

June, 2013
I have to say that I never thought I would have passed all four sections on the first try. Gleim was key to my success. I am a Gleim supporter for life because if it can help me pass it can help anyone! Scores were Fin (81) Bus (88) Aud (83) Reg (77).
Thomas Welch

June, 2013
I can't tell you how much I appreciated the Unit Summaries of Core Concepts. It helped so much to review those in the couple days prior to taking the exams. The summaries provided an overarching view of the concepts and brought clarity to the subject matter as a whole. With three little kids and a job, these summaries were the best addition I can think of to the Gleim materials, to make my studying most effective...and successful. Thanks!
Lacey Eastgate

May, 2013
Each chapter was well organized with clearly defined headings that made it very easy for me to navigate the material with expedience and efficiency. Even the most technical, detailed material was conveyed in a clear and concise manner that made the absorption of long-forgotten concepts and computational processes into memory much less painful than I had anticipated. What's more is that the personal counselors with whom I had been communicating via e-mail were articulate, informed, and ready in an instant to provide answers to all of my questions. Overall, Dr. Gleim's unique mix of online and book reviewing processes help to make the Gleim system perhaps the most cutting-edge within the exam preparation industry.
David Ellis