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May, 2015
I chose to use Gleim based on positive feedback that I received from my boss at the time. I liked that Gleim was a self study program that fit around my full-time work schedule. The books were easy to read, which made the material easy to follow and understand. Additionally, there were plenty of test questions to study. The process was not easy by any means, but by utilizing all aspects of the material and practicing relentlessly, I was able to pass all four parts in just over a year while still maintaining a full time job and family. Thanks Gleim! AUD 75, BEC 76, REG 87, FAR 78
Danny Zwieg, MBA, CPA

March, 2015
I attended the University of South Florida where several accounting professors incorporated Gleim's materials into their classes. I was impressed with the affordability of the Gleim CPA Review System. The information was very thorough and covered all the necessary information. Additionally, the ability to set my own study schedule allowed me to work full time, volunteer, and still pass all four sections. Gleim's materials were very effective in preparing me for the exam.
Clark Evans
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