CPA Testimonials

What our customers have to say about Gleim study materials.
(All letters, emails, and comments are reprinted with permission.)

September, 2014
Gleim benefited me personally by preparing me enough to only take each test once, while presenting material in a more concise way than the other leading study program. Whereas other study programs would present 100+ questions per chapter, Gleim was more like the actual test by presenting only 20 questions per round. It breaks the material up enough to not be overwhelming, but still adequately prepare you. I felt less overwhelmed with studying, and more prepared for the actual test setting than many of my fellow students and friends did. I recommend Gleim to anyone who asks about study programs.

September, 2014
I was able to study throughout the day, at the times I wanted to, as well as, at the pace I wanted to. I found the audio (for your Ipod) extremely useful since I could listen to it while getting ready for work in the morning. Also, I liked that there were three different simulations for each study unit, and a very large selection of multiple choice questions. The study system is very useful, and really helped me prepare for the separate exams. The setup of the online multiple choice and simulations shows you exactly what to expect (time wise, computer setup) for the actual exam. With Gleim, you are given a structure to follow, in order to help you study and consistently go through the material; I found this very helpful and it allowed me to plan my studying accordingly. Overall, the program really helped and was worth the money. I like the CPE opportunities, which will go with my CPA certification. If I were to pursue another certification such as the CMA, I would definitely consider using Gleim.