Success Stories
I can't say enough good things about Gleim. I passed the RTRP exam and the three parts of the EA exam, all the first time, because of Gleim. Personal ... [cont.]

Mason Wristen, EA
Thanks, I am so excited about my test. This is a great program and it helped me pass in only 3 months. I took the test in January 14, and I passed. I am ... [cont.]

Lilliam Nieves
The Gleim RTRP program is both easy to read and understand, but at the same time the material is thorough and challenging. When test day arrived I was ... [cont.]

Danny McKee
I believe that my success in passing the exam was primarily due to the excellent training provided in this course. I do feel that the course helped me ... [cont.]

Lisa Molle
This study information and the way it is presented is excellent. Thank you for providing these study materials. I passed the exam.

Deborah Pulley
I just passed the RTRP exam. It was a great feeling. First, let me thank you for your continuous support, your knowledge, your professionalism and your ... [cont.]

Guy Robert Jean, RTRP
I have taken and passed the exam. To be there at the testing center's computer was the same as being in front of my computer. The emulation of your test ... [cont.]

Susie Chemen Consulting
Your program saved my career!

Julissa Garcia
Excellent course. I felt confident and prepared for the RTRP Exam and passed the test on the first try. Your process works. I will recommend Gleim Online ... [cont.]

Dennis Zander
I plan to use Gleim for continuing education courses. The training is excellent. I'm glad that I found Gleim Online.

Douglas Bailey
This course FULLY prepared me for the RTRP test and I PASSED!!!! Thank you.

Michelle Syc
I have used other online education programs in the past and found GLEIM to be both well organized and easy to use. The fact that you must complete all ... [cont.]

Albert Piccotti
Before I knew about Gleim, I was using another exam review course. I found the Gleim system more helpful and appropriate in preparation for the RTRP test. ... [cont.]

Guy Jean
I conducted an exhaustive search for a qualified RTRP exam preparation course. For the money and the fact that I was eligible to obtain all 15 hours of ... [cont.]

Anthony Carter
Completing this course more than prepared me for the RTRP exam (I've already taken and passed the exam). I found the Gleim questions to be slightly more ... [cont.]

Brian Reeves
I successfully passed the RTRP exam. Thanks for the assistance. I am off to study for the EA exam. If I'm as successful with passing those tests, I will ... [cont.]

Connie Hurla
I want to thank you for the encouragement you offered on day one and am glad to tell you that this course is well planned out to assist anyone who is willing ... [cont.]

Shafeik Bacchus
I love this course. I was able to pass the RTRP exam on the first try and I owe it all to this course. The study materials were accurate, and the format ... [cont.]

The Gleim Registered Tax Return Preparer (RTRP) review course is outstanding. I felt confident and prepared when I took the RTRP test and I passed it ... [cont.]

Darrell E. Brockman
The course really prepared me for the RTRP test. There was only one question on the test that I had not seen before. Thank you Gleim.

Carole Follett
Even though I have been doing taxes for years I wanted to be certain that I passed the RTRP exam easily. I chose Gleim for this task and I must say that ... [cont.]

Donna P.
I read a book entitled 2012 [Competitor] Registered Tax Return Preparer Exam Review. It was OK but doesn't compare to the Gleim RTRP online course. Kudos ... [cont.]

Patricia G.
The Gleim Review System helped me with the exam by presenting the chapters in an easy to understand format. In addition, it was great that the system gave ... [cont.]

Brian Gorman, RTRP
Thanks to all collaborators of Gleim. The system is fabulous. I passed the RTRP exam on my first try thanks to the preparation and confidence I got from ... [cont.]

Ibelise Sanchez
I liked the fact that the learning environment in Gleim was very much like the testing environment for Prometric. It was a great comfort on test day to ... [cont.]

Susan Hatch
Gleim was excellent in helping me to prepare for the RTRP Exam. I am already using Gleim to prepare for my EA Exam and my CPA exam as well. I will recommend ... [cont.]

Guy Simo
Even though I have done taxes continuously for 35 years, passing the IRS test the first time might not have happened. Your course not only gave me knowledge ... [cont.]

Winnie Mills
Your study courses are excellent. I wish I had your CPA exam course when I took my CPA exam back in 1970.

Jack Anderson
The Gleim RTRP online course fully prepared me by offering a study course that was challenging. I got to the test center and the RTRP test was a piece ... [cont.]

Graeme Shoebridge
Thanks Gleim. I passed my RTRP Test on the first try. I haven't taken a test in 35 years and I had more than a little test anxiety, but your program and ... [cont.]

John Afton
I had no idea what I was getting myself into before starting with The Gleim Review System in preparation for the RTRP exam. I found each section within ... [cont.]

Kerry Leathers
I will be taking my exam in 3 days. Regardless whether I pass or not, I have to say that this has been an excellent course to prepare for the exam. The ... [cont.]

I took the IRS test November 2, 2012 and passed it easily thanks to your course!

Kevin Tucker
Thank you so much!! I used your program and passed my RTRP test the first time. Woohoo!! Have already recommended the program to a fellow tax preparer ... [cont.]

Jolee Walotkiewicz
Impressive review of the subject material. Given the objectives of the test... it did a great job exposing me to real work test conditions where the real ... [cont.]

Gerald Spraitzar
The Gleim RTRP Review System is excellent preparation for the exam. It guides you properly and provides the necessary tools to understand the question ... [cont.]

Yanny Baez
I passed the RTRP exam in my first attempt. The content covered in the Gleim RTRP Online course helped me to pass on my first attempt. Thanks Gleim Online. ... [cont.]

Dhairya Jha
Exam practice is awesome. I love the practice quizzes. Gives me more confidence taking the real RTRP test.

Bernadette Yoder
Your RTRP Online Course really helped me. I took the RTRP exam for the first time on 10/04/12 and passed! The test was easier than I expected. I finished ... [cont.]

Carlton B.
Your program was just what I needed for successful preparation for the Registered Tax Return Preparer Test! Thanks for all your online and telephone help. ... [cont.]

Mary P.
I took the RTRP course from GLEIM and it was wonderful. The exam was structured exactly as Gleim had stated. I made a commitment to take the exam and went ... [cont.]

Rick Johnson
I wanted to tell you that between 6/22 and 8/28 I passed the RTRP and all three parts of the SEE on the first attempt. I passed the RTRP on 6/22 and received ... [cont.]

B. Goldberg, EA, RTRP
Very effective training program. I passed my RTRP exam on the first try. I will definitely recommend this program to other tax preparers.

Rene M. Juridico, MSF
The review course does a good job preparing candidates for the RTRP test. The material in the course covers everything you may need to pass the test. If ... [cont.]

Frank Bruno
I think the course was very informative and necessary for someone like myself. I haven't been in school for a couple decades and have testing issues. The ... [cont.]

Jeanne M.
Wow! This is awesome. After all, studying can be fun and easy. I am having fun while preparing my exam.

Noel Estephen
It is my pleasure to recommend the Gleim RTRP prep course for anyone taking the IRS exam. I passed the exam on the first attempt and feel that this study ... [cont.]

Michael Hensick
I'm please to advise you that I passed the IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer Test. I would highly recommend the RTRP Gleim Online study program. It was ... [cont.]

Aaron Goldsmith
Thanks for your review course. Do not think I would have passed it without the test questions you provided. I did take the RTRP test on 8/22/12 and passed ... [cont.]

Mark Pollachek
I have prepared income tax returns for over 15 years. I purchased the Gleim RTRP Review System and followed the steps there. The material was very easy ... [cont.]

Galina Lazarev
The Gleim study material for the Registered Tax Return Prepared test enabled me to pass the exam on the first try. I have been working mostly with older ... [cont.]

Paul Schramm
I think the number and variety of quizzes in the Gleim RTRP course were very useful in my preparation for the RTRP exam. They helped me to focus on the ... [cont.]

Edward Tummillo
Unfortunately, I wasted over $300 on a competitor's course material before I found Gleim. Gleim blows the competition away. I was in a panic knowing that ... [cont.]

Carolann Schiro
I have prepared income tax returns for over 20 years, but basically always for the same set of clients. Hence, the tax issues relating to my clients are ... [cont.]

Michael Pace, CFP
Gleim's excellent RTRP exam review gave me great studying tools. I passed the RTRP exam on my first attempt. Gleim focuses on the key topics covered on ... [cont.]

Eric Schwartz
What I like best about Gleim, is that they utilize known adult education methodologies. In other words, it's not just the technical material that you can ... [cont.]

Scott B.
I've been an accountant/auditor and tax preparer for the better part of 20 years. At first when I heard about the new exam that all paid tax preparers ... [cont.]

Steve Hettich
I contacted Gleim and ordered the Gleim RTRP Review System on the internet and followed the steps there. The material was very full and easy to follow. ... [cont.]

Rodney Evans
I was very surprised when I passed the RTRP test on the first try! The study materials were spot on and I felt confident as I worked through the test. ... [cont.]

Judy Moose, CMA
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RTRP Review System

The Gleim RTRP Review System includes RTRP Gleim Online, Question Bank, Exam Rehearsal, 15 CE Hours, and access to a Personal Counselor. This system allows busy tax professionals to optimize their limited time through intensive review of all available materials.

The RTRP Review System is perfect for individuals starting out in the tax preparation field or experienced tax professionals looking to increase their knowledge of taxation.

Tax professionals should also consider becoming an Enrolled Agent. Learn more here.

Your materials are guaranteed current 12 months from date of purchase, and the Gleim Online portion of the RTRP Review System has a money-back guarantee.