How to Pass the CPA Exam: A System for Success


The How to Pass the CPA Exam: A System for Success booklet is a free guide that explains how candidates can register for, study for, and pass the CPA Exam. The purpose of this booklet is to answer all of your Frequently Asked Questions and help you develop and implement a system for success for the exam, which includes

  1. Becoming familiar with the exam process, including the exam's purpose, coverage, preparation methods, format, administration, grading, and pass rates
  2. Conceptualizing the subject matter tested
  3. Perfecting your question-answering techniques
  4. Planning and practicing exam execution
  5. Developing the confidence you need to succeed!

A System for Success is an essential part of the Gleim Review System.

For more on how to pass the CPA Exam, watch this video

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PDF version of
the booklet
    HTML booklet, broken down by study unit
  • Study Unit 1
    The CPA Examination: An Overview and Preparation Introduction
  • Study Unit 2
    AICPA Content Specification Outlines and Skill Specification Outlines
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As Dr. Gleim advises, "Throughout your life, your greatest achievements result from a series of failures and successes. As you do better, you feel better. This generates a snowball effect that results in even better performance in everything you do."

Ensure your success on your professional exam. Use Gleim Review materials.

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