Flight Instructors and Flight Schools play a vital role in the aviation industry. The work you accomplish not only helps individuals to realize their dream of flight but also helps keep the world moving by producing our next generation of aviators. It is our desire to help your students become knowledgeable, proficient, and safer pilots both now and into the future.

ATP Knowledge Test Book
ATP Knowledge Test Book
  • All questions, answers, and explanations
  • Detailed Knowledge Transfer Outlines covering all tested topics
  • Color reprint of the FAA Testing Supplement
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Digital FAR/AIM
Digital FAR/AIM This FREE resource allows you to easily search federal regulations and the AIM. With the same easy-to-use format as our printed FAR/AIM book, this version will allow you to stay up-to-date with the most current regulations. Click here to find out more.
Private Pilot Training Record
Private Pilot Training Record
  • Complies with Both FAR Part 61 and Part 141 programs
  • Contains each flight lesson on a separate page
  • Room to repeat each flight lesson up to 8 times
  • Great for mandatory FAA record keeping
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Part 141 Application Tool
Part 141 Application Tool This FREE guided program will help your school become Part 141 certified. Create and save all necessary documents for FAA submission. Learn how easy this process is by clicking here.
Deluxe ATP Kit
Deluxe ATP Kit
  • Books
  • Test Prep Online
  • Flight Bag
  • Online Ground School
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Part 141 Products

Flight schools that are successful in retaining students are those that find simple ways to keep their students involved in the learning process. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by means of course-specific training material that will keep students engaged and aware of their progress.

The following Gleim resources have been approved by the FAA as meeting the training requirements of 14 CFR Part 141, and they will help your students achieve their certificates in an efficient manner while also helping reduce your workload as a course administrator.

OGS 141

The 141-Approved Online Ground School can be used for aeronautical knowledge credit at Gleim-partnered Part 141 flight schools. These courses are overseen directly by the FAA and the Gleim Chief Instructor to ensure the highest quality of instruction and allow your students to learn from the convenience of their own home. Your flight school can use the Flight School User Manager feature to track student progress. Once students complete the course, they will be provided with an FAA graduation certificate and an endorsement to take the FAA knowledge test.

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The Gleim Syllabus line presents step-by-step lesson plans to guide your students through their training. These books represent a complete ground and flight training course of study designed to expedite completion of pilot certificates. Because the Syllabus lesson content comes directly from other Gleim references, our approach offers an integrated, turn-key solution for flight schools, instructors, and students.

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Training Records

Completely compliant with Part 141, the Gleim Training Record serves as the primary flight training file for your students. This record will help your students expedite their training while making sure all necessary requirements are covered and documented. The record also makes its easy to track and review student progress, challenges, and successes.

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Part 141 Application Tool

The Part 141 application process has long been considered confusing and out of reach by many flight schools. However, this tool, a free service from Gleim, will help you complete the initial certification process and generate all necessary documents in the FAA-preferred format. Your information is saved in our secure database, which allows you to easily make corrections, add new certifications, or complete the biannual renewal process. This tool is just another way that Gleim seeks to make it easier for flight schools to train their pilots.

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Gleim and Flight Design have teamed up to offer a customized training program built on the proven Gleim Knowledge Transfer System and the industry-leading Flight Design CTLS.

Gleim X-Plane Flight Training Course

Exclusive training opportunity

for Flight Design Pilot Centers!

Flight School Training Aid

  • Hardware
    • High-end desktop computer
    • Three 27-inch flat screen monitors
    • Flight stick
    • Rudder pedals
  • Software
    • X-Plane 10 by Laminar Research
    • Gleim Flight Training Course
      • Course tutorials
      • Fully interactive, true-flying, digital CTLS aircraft model
      • Digital flight lessons specifically tailored to the CTLS
      • Flight profiler and evaluation tool
  • Course Benefits for Flight Students
    • Practice all Sport/Private pilot lessons from the Gleim syllabus books
    • Experience each flight before flying in the airplane
    • Build proficiency and confidence from the first lesson
    • Develop safety mindset and practical decision-making skills
    • Learn more quickly and economically
  • Course Benefits for Flight Schools
    • Reduce student dropouts
    • Recruit new student pilots
    • Increase profitability, even during poor weather

Amazing Visuals

Real-time digital instructor feedback

Combines scenario- and

maneuvers-based training

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Pilot Training Kits

Customized Flight Design Pilot Center Products

Proven Gleim Knowledge Transfer System

Private Pilot

Sport Pilot

Exclusive Digital Training Supplement for the CTLS

Available for Sport and

Private Pilot Training

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Optional Industry-Leading

Online Ground School

Available for Sport and Private