Inspection Authorization Training Course
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The Gleim Inspection Authorization Training Course (IATC) uses our sophisticated Knowledge Transfer System to ensure that you master all the information needed to become a competent and safe IA and pass your FAA knowledge test with confidence.

Aviation Maintenance Technicians will be helped to understand the requirements of attaining an Inspection Authorization and will benefit from the thorough explanation of all topics necessary for certification. With extensive reference material and easy-to-understand audiovisual presentations, this online training course will help you pass your knowledge test while minimizing your time, cost, and frustration.

August, 2015
The overall training course is by far the best and very beneficial for passing the IA written and more importantly learning rather then memorizing.
- Robert Coleman

March, 2015
Course was very informative. Working self-paced allows for better understanding of material. Highly recommended for those who want to absorb the information rather than be rushed through at one of those IA in a few days courses.
- Kevin Campbell

March, 2014
There are so many things good about this course... excellent review... well written... no shortcuts... plenty of practice questions... complete outlines. It certainly prepared for the written exam, but it also provided quite a reference library for quick access when questions come up in the course of business about the mysterious IA world of major/minor, Maintenance Releases, weird helicopter rules, documentation and legalities in general.

I had a couple of questions during the course. They were answered quickly and personally by Bill Russo. Wow! I didn't expect such personal attention and REALLY appreciated it.

I took the exam last week. I was well prepared and passed easily (88%), finishing in an hour and a half. I'm simply saying I was prepared so well it was a non-stress event. There was almost nothing on the exam I wasn't familiar with. Don't get me wrong, there were a few typical FAA questions I had no idea how to answer, but I've always been of the opinion a perfect score on one of their exams is only achieved by accident.

In talking to the ASI who signed my 8610-1 form, it was clear most IA's renew using a refresher course (Gleim, if anyone will listen to me!). I will do the same even if I have the requisite requirements for renewal without it. There are too many traps to not maintain some kind of continuing education in this field.

Again, thank you for your attention to detail, your personal involvement and the really great web-site.
- Jeff Rowland

March, 2013
Despite being and A&P for over 30 years, I doubt I would have passed the FAA exam without investing in your IATC. It prepared me for the FAA's approach to an exam question, so I was able to decode the questions and determine what they wanted for an answer.
- Andy Gelston

February, 2013
I passed the FAA exam. Thank you very much for having the Inspection Authorization Training Course available. The video before each lesson was a perfect way to start each lesson. Reading the text in the course material would reiterate what the videos had explained and add more detail. Taking the pre test and having the explanations with the answers helped explain the questions, even when I chose the wrong answer. It helped me re-learn how to dig for information within the FARs and the many formulas needed for calculations I needed to pass the IA exam. The hours I spent studying your course and digging through the FARs helped me pass the exam.
- Stephen V.

Course Elements

  • Introductory audiovisual presentations to stimulate thinking
  • Comprehensive study outlines
  • FAA Inspection Authorization Testing Supplement included
  • Interactive testing features with correct and incorrect answer explanations
  • FAA Knowledge Test Center emulations
What to Expect in a Study Unit
  • Each of the study units in the Gleim Inspection Authorization Training Course is divided into four sections referred to as Instructional Elements.
    • a Knowledge Transfer Outline
    • an Audiovisual Presentation
    • a Multiple-Choice Study Quiz
    • a Multiple-Choice Test Quiz
  • To assist you in your studies, there are two additional Instructional Elements in the course:
    • Stage Test
    • End-of-Course Test
  • The questions presented in the Gleim study unit quizzes are similar to questions combined in the FAA question database in order to prepare you thoroughly for your FAA knowledge test. The IA test is a closed test, meaning that a public release of the test questions and answer choices is not available.
  • You will see all study unit questions twice. The test quiz randomizes the questions and answer choices you saw during the study quiz.
  • After each quiz/test, you will be provided with an opportunity to review the questions that you missed in the form of a Review Quiz.
  • Your scores on the study quiz and test quiz will be averaged together to determine your final score for each study unit.


Access to the Online Course will expire 12 months from the date of purchase. If you need access to the course after the expiration date, it must be repurchased.


A full refund is available if you have accessed no more than two study units within 30 days of purchase.

IATC Study Units

  1. 14 CFR Parts 1 through 39
  2. 14 CFR Part 43
  3. 14 CFR Parts 45 and 65
  4. 14 CFR Parts 91 through 183
  5. Advisory Circulars I
  6. Advisory Circulars II
  7. Advisory Circulars III
  8. Advisory Circulars IV
  9. Aircraft Specifications and Type Certificate Data Sheets
  10. FAA Order 8130-21G, FAA-H-8083-1A, FAA-G-8082-11B, and FAA Airworthiness Directives

Knowledge Test Eligibility Requirements

This course alone will not grant you permission to take the Inspection Authorization FAA Knowledge test. The determination of eligibility of applicants for this test is determined based on the criteria established in 14 CFR Part 65.91(c). Specifically, you must:
  • Hold a mechanic certificate with both an airframe rating and a powerplant rating, each of which is currently effective and has been in effect for a total of at least 3 years.
  • Have been actively engaged, for at least the 2-year period before the date of application, in maintaining aircraft certificated and maintained in accordance with federal regulations.
  • Have a fixed base of operations at which you may be located in person or by telephone during a normal working week (it need not be in the place where you will exercise inspection authority).
  • Have available the equipment, facilities, and inspection data necessary to properly inspect airframes, powerplants, propellers, or any related part or appliance.
  • Pass a written test on your ability to inspect, according to safety standards, for returning aircraft to service after major repairs and major alterations and annual and progressive inspections performed under 14 CFR Part 43.

If you determine that you are eligible to hold an IA, you should schedule an appointment with an Aviation Safety Inspector (ASI) at your local FSDO to interview for authorization to take the knowledge test. You will need to complete and sign two copies of FAA Form 8610-1, Mechanic's Application for Inspection Authorization, and bring them with you to your appointment (along with proper identification). It is a good idea to bring all of your training records/certificates and transcripts to the interview since the primary purpose of the interview is to establish that you are qualified for and fully understand the inspection authorization privileges, limitations, and responsibilities.

Once the ASI confirms that you are eligible and that a need for an IA in your FSDO's area of oversight exists, both copies of the 8610-1 will be signed. One copy will be retained at the FSDO and the other copy will be given to you. Both copies will contain a statement indicating that the ASI's endorsement expires 30 days from the date of application. You are now authorized to take the IA Knowledge Test.

Getting started with the Gleim Inspection Authorization Training Course

Make sure that your computer meets our minimum system requirements, then click the "Create Account" button below to get started with the Gleim Inspection Authorization Training Course by trying Study Unit 1 for FREE.

How to Get AMT Awards Credit for This Course

Gleim uploads AMT Awards course completion credit every week for current course users. If you have completed this course but have not received AMT Awards credit, follow the instructions below to ensure you are credited for your work.
  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your FAASafety email address and password.
    • If you have not created an account with FAASafety, you will need to do that first.
  3. Under the "Activities, Courses, & Seminars" tab at the top of the page, click "Activities."
  4. Type "Gleim" into the "Keywords" box and click "Search."
  5. Find the appropriate course title in the resulting list and click on the title of that course.
  6. Click the "Request Credit" button.
  7. Enter the date on your completion/graduation certificate into the "Date Completed" box.
  8. In the "Select Validator" section, click the "Email" tab.
  9. Type "" into the field and click the "Select" button.
  10. Click "Submit for Validation."
An email notification will be sent to Gleim. We will review your course records and either validate your credit or reply explaining why we are unable to do so (for example, the course completion date is incorrect). Either way, you will receive an email reply from FAASafety once our action has been submitted. If you have any questions or difficulties with this process, please email

This course counts towards Avemco's Safety Rewards Program. Click here for more details.

March, 2013
Despite being and A&P for over 30 years, I doubt I would have passed the...
- Andy Gelston
March, 2014
There are so many things good about this course... excellent review... well...
- Jeff Rowland
February, 2013
I passed the FAA exam. Thank you very much for having the Inspection Authorization...
- Stephen V.
August, 2015
The overall training course is by far the best and very beneficial for passing...
- Robert Coleman
March, 2015
Course was very informative. Working self-paced allows for better understanding...
- Kevin Campbell
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