Watching Airplanes Course
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The Gleim Watching Airplanes Course (WAC) is an introduction and overview of the aviation system of the United States. This course will help you turn your casual interest in aviation into an educated passion.

The course was designed to be used with the Gleim Aviation Radio Receiver. This portable, easy-to-use tool will allow you to monitor aircraft and air traffic control communications - allowing you to see and hear the action at your local airport.

  • 7 study units detailing safe practices during all phases of flight
  • 6-9 minute audiovisual presentations
  • 2-5 pages of supplementary reference guide material
  • 10-question multiple-choice quiz
  • 12 months of access

January, 2013
I am a professional pilot and your WAC is an excellent tool to introduce young people into aviation culture. I will recommend it to eager kids!
- Sergio Perez-Duarte

July, 2011
I am on a waiting list with a local flight instructor to begin training. This is an excellent way to become familiar with local operations until I can get into the left seat. I'm very excited.
- Dave Spicer

November, 2009
This course provided a very basic but interesting and educational insight to flying. The radio is also great way to hear what is going on in the airplane and tower!
- Anonymous

Key facts about WAC

  • Exciting, video-led course designed to not only explain U.S. aviation but also to illustrate it for you
    Each video in this course is designed to facilitate your understanding of the various aspects of the U.S. aviation system. All those things you think are out of your reach, not anymore! With this course you can get an on-location virtual tour of everything aviation.
  • Takes about 4 hours to complete
    Each study unit should take about half an hour. That includes the video presentation, a supplementary reference guide for your review, and a true/false study quiz to help you move everything you learn into long-term memory.
  • All-Internet delivery system means complete course portability
    The entire course is contained right here on the Gleim website. You can access the course from any computer with Internet access that meets our minimum system requirements. No lugging around DVDs or installing material on your computer. We make it easy to learn and understand!
  • Inexpensive and user friendly
    For those who are less familiar with computers, we have a trained, friendly support staff you can contact for help. E-mail us at or call us at (800) 874-5346 for assistance.

The Gleim Watching Airplanes Course is an effective, easy-to-use, and intuitively appealing way to expand your knowledge of the U.S. aviation system. Begin now by trying Study Unit 1 for FREE!

Course Elements

Each study unit contains an outlined reference guide as explained below.
  • A 6-to-9 minute video presentation
  • 2-5 pages of supplementary reference guide material
  • A 10-question true/false study quiz
To complete a study unit, you must:
  • Watch the video presentation.
  • Print and study the reference guide for the study unit.
    The guides are divided into sections just like the videos to make them easier to use. You can use the print function on your browser to print the guide by clicking "Print" under the "File" Menu. Use your printout for future reference. When you have finished studying the material, you will be ready to take the true/false study quiz.
  • Answer 10 thought-provoking true/false study questions.
    You will receive an answer explanation that indicates why you answered the questions correctly or incorrectly. The true/false study questions are intended to help you to recall information you learned in the study unit. Additionally, they will help you transfer that information into long-term memory. To finish the study unit and move on to the next unit, you must score at least 70% on the quiz.

Frequently Asked Questions about WAC

  • Can I take the study units in any order?
    No. For maximum learning value, you need to take the study units in numerical order. The course is designed so that every study unit builds on the one before it.
  • What happens if I fail a quiz?
    If you fail the quiz, you will have an opportunity to retake it with randomized questions. If you fail a second time, you must go back and review the video presentation and outline material so that you can master the important concepts in the study unit before moving on to the next one.
  • What happens if I have computer problems and am unable to complete the course?
    The computer requirements for taking this course are minimal and can be done at just about any computer with Internet access. If anything goes wrong, you can email us at or call (800) 874-5346 for help.
  • What requirements do I need to satisfy in order to pass the course?
    Each of the 7 study units ends with a 10-question true/false study quiz. You must pass each of the end-of-study-unit quizzes with a score of 70% or better. Once all study units are completed, you can print your completion certificate, and you're done with the course.
  • What if I have a question or need to speak to someone?
    We're available at or (800) 874-5346. You can give us feedback about your experience with the course or ask questions if you like.


Access to the Watching Airplanes Course will expire 12 months from the date of purchase. If you have not completed the course and you need access after the expiration date, you may purchase a 12 month extension at half the current purchase price. You will have 30 days to purchase an extension.


You may return the course within 30 days of purchase for a full refund if you have not begun more than two study units.

Watching Airplanes Course Study Units

  1. Your Local Airport
  2. Using the Gleim Aviation Radio Receiver
  3. Pilot Radio Jargon
  4. Airport Traffic Patterns
  5. Recognizing Aircraft
  6. Visiting General Aviation
  7. Learn to Fly, Become a Pilot

Getting started with the Gleim Watching Airplanes Course

Make sure that your computer meets our minimum system requirements, then click the "Create Account" button below to get started with the Gleim Watching Airplanes Course by trying Study Unit 1 for FREE.

Airport Search Tool

Find and research airports in your area with the Gleim Airport Search Tool. Find:
  • Contact Information
  • Location and Distance
  • Radio Frequencies
  • Traffic Statistics
  • Runway Types and Surfaces

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January, 2013
I am a professional pilot and your WAC is an excellent tool to introduce...
- Sergio Perez-Duarte
November, 2009
This course provided a very basic but interesting and educational insight...
- Anonymous
July, 2011
I am on a waiting list with a local flight instructor to begin training....
- Dave Spicer
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