Gleim Traditional CIA Review System

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  • Most widely used CIA prep on the market
  • Easy-to-use, 3-step study approach
  • Mentorship and guidance from a team of Personal Counselors
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Product Description:

The Gleim Traditional CIA Review System is the most widely used CIA prep on the market and includes everything a busy CIA candidate needs to pass the CIA Exam on the first try. Our Traditional CIA Review System is available as a set and is also offered for each individual part. You will experience our flexible, easy-to-follow, 3-step study approach, but with less guidance than our Premium CIA Review System. If you need more assistance from our accounting experts, videos featuring professional educators, and the Gleim Access Until You Pass® guarantee, check out our Premium CIA self-study Review System.

Each Gleim Traditional CIA Review System includes

  • Gleim CIA Review Course – The majority of your coursework will be completed in this guided, self-study review. This course includes your interactive study planner, exam-emulating quizzes, the Gleim digital book(s) containing comprehensive outlines and examples, and audio lectures. You will also have access to your own mentor, a Personal Counselor who will offer advice and assistance while you are studying for the exam.
  • Gleim CIA Test Prep, Gleim Audio Lectures, and Gleim Exam Rehearsal – Want even more practice and review? Gleim CIA Test Prep is the most widely used question bank on the market. It features the most realistic, exam-emulating multiple-choice questions and detailed answer explanations for both correct and incorrect answers. On the go? Use the Gleim Audio Lecture component of your review system, which encourages auditory learning and includes lectures of the most important concepts from the Gleim book(s). Finally, during your comprehensive final review, take the full-length Gleim Exam Rehearsal, which will help to identify any remaining weak areas.

All components of the Gleim CIA Review System are available any time and wherever you have access to the Internet. Get access to the first study unit of the review system absolutely free now!

Product Testimonials:

December, 2016

I made sure to utilize the Gleim Instruct Videos. It made it seem like I was in a classroom again, except I was able to determine the “class time”. Personally, I learn and comprehend material better with practice. Gleim’s vast amount of practice questions greatly facilitated studying and comprehension of the topics. I would absolutely recommend Gleim to others that I know. In fact, that is how I heard about Gleim!

Zach McCracken, CIA

December, 2016

The Gleim Review System benefited me personally on many levels. I was able to schedule my study time with my regular schedule of family and work. The book and the website are broken up into easy to manage sections so as to not feel overwhelmed with the amount of information. The website is well designed with multiple types of study materials, i.e. audio files, multiple choice questions, chapter summaries, etc. I was particularly pleased with the Gleim's Access Until You Pass and Personal Counselors, both of which made me feel as though the company and the Personal Counselors were fully invested in my passing of the exam. I have already turned many of my fellow auditors onto Gleim. Gleim is the best study material available, and I should know. Nothing compares to Gleim.

Naomi Pipes, CIA

Set Contents:

Set Contents:

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