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CIA Part 1 Audio Review Download - New 3-Part Exam
Irvin N. Gleim
Access Length:  18 months

Price:    $89.95
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ISBN: 978-1-58194-377-1

Product Description:

The Gleim CIA Part 1 Audio Review Download is an integral component of the CIA Review System.

Audios are an excellent way to learn the material you need for the CIA exam during non-traditional study time, such as while driving to work. The Gleim CIA Part 1 audio review series consists of one overview for each of the Gleim study units covering Part 1 of the exam.

The purpose of these overviews is to explain core concepts so you have a frame of reference for the details covered in our book, Test Prep, and Gleim Online.

Free Audio Demo - Download a demo of the Gleim CIA Audio Review (download available for desktops and laptops).

Note: Downloaded files can be transferred to smart phones, iPods, and mp3 players for your own personal use. Audio listening device not included with purchase.