CIA Part 1 Audio Review Lecture, 2016 Edition

Irvin N. Gleim

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Product Description:

The Gleim CIA Part 1 Audio Review is an integral component of the Part 1 CIA Review System.

The Gleim CIA Part 1 Audio Review Lecture series consists of one 20- to 25-minute overview for each of the seven Gleim study units covering Part 1 of the exam while corresponding with the remaining components of the Gleim CIA Review System.

This lecture series is available for download or streaming. Downloads are available for desktops and laptops so that the files can be transferred to your mobile device or mp3 player. Audio listening device not included with purchase.

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Table of Contents:

Introduction to Gleim CIA Audio Review (3:34)

Study Unit 1: Mandatory Guidance (14:38)
Study Unit 2: Independence, Objectivity, and Due Care (22:52)
Study Unit 3: Control Frameworks and Fraud (21:53)
Study Unit 4: Control- Types and Techniques (21:39)
Study Unit 5: Data Gathering and Data Analysis (18:02)
Study Unit 6: Conducting the Engagement- Sampling (14:14)
Study Unit 7: Procedures, Analysis, Conclusions, and Documentation (18:42)

Total Audio Duration: 2:15:34