CIA Exam Rehearsal - Part 1, 2016 Edition

Irvin N. Gleim

Product Highlights
  • One Full-length Practice Exam
  • Immediate Access to Results and a Review Session
  • Emulates the CIA Exam
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Price: $30.00

This product is part of the
Gleim CIA Review System


Product Description:

The Gleim CIA Exam Rehearsal™ for Part 1 is an integral component of the Part 1 Gleim Review System. It provides candidates with access to one comprehensive, exam-emulating experience for Part 1 of the CIA Exam.

After taking the Gleim CIA Exam Rehearsal, you will know where to focus your effort during your final days before the exam. In addition, the experience of taking our Pearson VUE-emulating Exam Rehearsal will help you evaluate your time management skills and feel more comfortable and prepared on test day.