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CPA Auditing book, 2014 Ed.
Irvin N. Gleim, William A. Hillison

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ISBN: 978-1-58194-422-8

Product Description:

The Gleim CPA Auditing Review book is an integral component of the CPA Review System. When purchased as a part of the Gleim Review System, Gleim Guarantees Success on your first sitting.

The book begins with approximately 20 pages of general test preparation information, followed by 20 study units, each containing extensive outlines (based on the AICPA Content Specification Outlines), multiple-choice questions, and Task-Based Simulations. All questions have detailed answer explanations for correct and incorrect answers.

Learn How to Study using Gleim Review books as part of the complete CPA Review System.

Product Features:


  • Comprehensive Knowledge Transfer Outlines
    • Real-world examples
    • Gleim Success Tips
  • Aligned with AICPA Content Specification Outlines
  • Test-taking and time-management tips from Dr. Gleim
  • Free updates


  • Over 550 Multiple-Choice Questions
    • Thorough answer explanations for correct AND incorrect choices to cement understanding
  • 100 Task-Based Simulations with thorough answer explanations
  • Includes AICPA-released multiple-choice questions and Task-Based Simulations from prior years' CPA exams

Along with Test Prep, the CPA Auditing Review book offers an easy-to-use self-study option that leads the industry in number of questions and Prometric emulation.