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  • Gleim Instruct video lecture series
  • Access Until You Pass®
  • The largest test bank of exam-emulating questions on the market
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Product Description:

The Gleim Premium CPA Review System includes everything a busy CPA candidate needs to pass the CPA exam on the first try. The system integrates all of the available materials into an easy-to-use, 3-step approach so candidates can diagnose weak areas, study from review materials written by professional educators, and apply knowledge with the largest test bank of multiple-choice questions, Focus Questions, and Task-Based Simulations on the market.

The CPA Review System includes

  • Gleim Online – This online course is your main study tool in this guided, self-study review. Gleim Online includes your interactive study planner, exam-emulating quizzes, the Gleim digital book(s) containing comprehensive outlines and examples, the Gleim Instruct video lecture series, additional Task-Based Simulations, and Audio Lectures. You will also have access to your own mentor, a Personal Counselor who will offer advice and assistance while you are studying for the exam.
  • Gleim CPA Mega Test Bank, Gleim Audio Lectures, and Gleim Exam Rehearsal – Want even more practice and review? The Gleim CPA Mega Test Bank combines Gleim Test Prep and Simulation Bank to form the largest bank of multiple-choice questions and Task-Based Simulations on the market. On the go? Use the Gleim Audio Lecture component of your review system, which encourages auditory learning and includes lectures of the most important concepts from the Gleim books. Finally, during your comprehensive final review, take the full-length Gleim Exam Rehearsal to identify any remaining weak areas. The Gleim CPA Mega Test Bank components and Exam Rehearsal emulate the Prometric testing environment and provide detailed answer explanations.

All components of the Gleim Premium CPA Review System are available any time and wherever you have access to the Internet. Get access to the first study unit of the review system absolutely free now!

Product Testimonials:

July, 2016

I was thoroughly impressed with the content of the study materials and how well it prepared me for the actual CPA examinations! I chose to utilize the Gleim study materials because the cost was so affordable in comparison to other review packages in the market. I am a highly self-motivated individual so the recommended lesson plans for each study unit was an easy way for me to follow through and execute a study plan. I also like that they assign a personal counselor to you to check in periodically. I felt that this helped me to be accountable and that I was not pursuing this alone. In taking all 4 parts I felt totally confident during the exams because I knew the Gleim products had me prepared! As a CPA candidate you have to take the time to master the material and I highly recommend Gleim as a valuable tool do so and become a CPA!

Larvizo Wright, CPA, MBA

June, 2016

I really want to thank Gleim for helping me pass the CPA in just 4 months and on my first attempt. I sat for FAR and BEC in Feb 2016 and then AUD and REG in May 2016. The review is favorably designed to review quickly and easily. Thanks again Gleim

Rajendra Pandey

Set Contents:

Set Contents:

  • Gleim Book Bag Free With Set. (Optional)
  • CPA Auditing Mega Test Bank
  • Gleim Online AUD with Gleim Instruct Access
  • CPA Business Mega Test Bank
  • Gleim Online BEC with Gleim Instruct Access
  • CPA Financial Mega Test Bank
  • Gleim Online FIN with Gleim Instruct Access
  • CPA Regulation Mega Test Bank
  • Gleim Online REG with Gleim Instruct Access
  • CPA Auditing Audio Lectures, 2016 Ed.
  • CPA Business Audio Lectures, 2016 Ed.
  • CPA Financial Audio Lectures, 2016 Ed.
  • CPA Regulation Audio Lectures, 2016 Ed.
  • CPA Exam Rehearsal: AUD
  • CPA Exam Rehearsal: BEC
  • CPA Exam Rehearsal: FAR
  • CPA Exam Rehearsal: REG
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