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Financial Accounting Exam Questions and Explanations book, 18th Ed.
Irvin N. Gleim

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Num. Pages: 616
ISBN: 978-1-58194-481-5

Product Description:

The Gleim Financial Accounting Exam Questions and Explanations, 18th Ed. book is an integral component of the Exam Questions & Explanations Books & Test Prep set.

Financial Accounting EQE is part of the Gleim Exam Questions and Explanations series. This book is an essential tool for learning and reviewing the concepts and applications of financial accounting. Students and professionals alike benefit from studying a comprehensive blend of objective questions from certification exams such as the CPA, CMA, CFM, and CIA.

The purpose of the Gleim Financial Accounting Exam Questions and Explanations is to help accounting students improve their comprehension skills and achieve higher grades in their accounting courses. Financial Accounting EQE:

  • Explains how to optimize your grade by offering study techniques and providing the most up-to-date information on financial accounting.
  • Is organized by topic, from general to specific and from easy to difficult, with thorough, easy-to-understand question explanations.
  • Has study units that are cross-referenced to most college/university textbooks in order to facilitate use as a supplemental text.

Product Features:
  • Answer explanations to the right of each question provide you with immediate feedback, saving time and effort.
  • Intuitively appealing presentations promote study discipline while challenging questions and explanations facilitate learning and understanding.
  • Our easy-to-complete subunits promote confidence as you complete each section.
  • Cross-references to most major financial accounting textbooks help you access the information you need for your exams.
  • Special indentations and line spacing greatly reduce study fatigue and encourage you to cover much more study material.
  • The material is complete and up to date. Visit your college bookstore, call (800) 87-GLEIM for publisher-direct service, or order online right now.