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RTRP Gleim Online Exam Prep (+15 CE Credits)
Irvin N. Gleim, James R. Hasselback
Access Length:  12 months

Price:   $159.95
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ISBN: 978-1-58194-995-7

RTRP and RTRP CE Suspension Notice

Attention: Gleim has received notification from the IRS that as of Friday, January 18, 2013, the RTRP exam and all its requirements have been suspended. Therefore, the exam is not currently available, and continuing education is not currently mandatory for RTRPs or RTRP candidates. Many candidates are choosing to continue their RTRP preparations as a means of improving their knowledge of topics the IRS deems necessary for Tax Professionals. Other candidates have decided to pursue the EA designation instead. Gleim will continue to monitor the information being released by the IRS and will update this website accordingly. For more information, please visit RTRP Exam Suspension.

January 25, 2013 Update: The IRS has filed a "Motion to Suspend Injunction Pending Appeal" with the DC District Court. Thus, the IRS is taking steps to legitimize the RTRP. The IRS could be issuing PTINs and Prometric Administering the RTRP in the days ahead.

Product Description:

RTRP Gleim Online is an integral component of the RTRP Review System.

RTRP Gleim Online is an interactive, self-study review program delivered via the Internet that also provides access to a Personal Counselor. This course can be completed in only 30 hours! Your IRS RTRP Exam Success is Guaranteed with Gleim!

Passing the End-of-Course Test in the Gleim Online course qualifies you to receive the 10 hours of CE credit for federal tax law topics required of all RTRPs annually.

In addition, you can receive 3 hours of federal tax update CE credit and 2 hours of tax ethics CE credit by completing the optional CE courses included at the end of the Gleim Online RTRP Review Course, bringing your total possible CE credit hours up to 15.

Product Features:

RTRP Gleim Online is broken down into 9 individual, manageable study units. Each study unit has the following 5 steps:

Step 1: Identify your weak areas by taking the Preliminary Quiz of 20 true/false study questions.
Step 2: Study the information in written form by reading the Gleim Knowledge Transfer Outline.
Step 3: Learn about the material's important concepts by watching the Audiovisual Presentation and relate the concepts, rules, etc. to your past experiences.
Step 4: Take the Study Quiz to learn more and practice your Question Answering Techniques
Step 5: Test your retention in a simulated exam environment by taking the Final Quiz.

After using RTRP Gleim Online, you will outperform your peers and PASS the exam. Your Personal Counselor is available to provide support to ensure your competitive edge. You will gain confidence as you prepare with Gleim. This confidence will continue during and after the exam.