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Gleim has been my sole CPE provider since I was originally CPA certified in 1985. Gleim's CPE course content is the same caliber provided in their CPA, CIA and CMA exam reviews, all of which I have used with great success. While Gleim's courses consistently meet NASBA's highest standards for continuing education, the costs are consistently well below market. Additionally, Gleim's customer service is among the most helpful and facilitative I have ever ... [cont.]

Daniel Silletti
Last year, due to a job, I found myself in need of a FAA ATP conversion in a short amount of time. My interactions with the Gleim customer support were very positive and stress-free. I purchased the Gleim ATP course and it was worth every penny. The format of the course made wading through a large amount of information easy and allowed me to proceed at whatever pace I set. The course was invaluable to me; without the course I feel that the studying ... [cont.]

Ariel Pettigrew, ATP
I am so incredibly happy with the Gleim system and the company in full. I cannot possibly express how impressed and how satisfied I am with this company. I had started my CPA exam studies using another company and I failed both of the exams that I took using those materials. I know that it's not uncommon for candidates to fail an exam the first time around, however, I KNEW the material. I studied extremely hard and I felt like I was beyond ready for ... [cont.]

Amber Feaster
I would be ungrateful if I didn't take the time to express my gratitude to my Personal Counselors for their help to get me though the exams. I do admire the team effort. Whenever I send an email request, I generally get a response during the same day.

N.R., EA
The material is easy to understand and very much useful. In addition, customer support is top notch.

Ben Sanati, EA
Gleim was exactly what I needed to pass all three exams the first time. Customer service was friendly, helpful, and prompt. I purchased the entire course along with the books, which came in handy when I did not have computer access. I highly recommend Gleim to anyone who wishes to become an Enrolled Agent.

Cherry Focht, EA
Thanks for the great customer service. You guys are awesome!!!!

Mary Carpenter
I am always very pleased to use any Gleim products. In addition, I asked a question on something I did not understand, and received a very detailed email within 24 hours.

Joseph Gugliotta
Gleim personal counselors are very professional and provide the right suggestion to the candidate who wants success on their exam on the first attempt. If I decided to pursue any course in the future definitely, I will prepare for my exam through Gleim study material and would like to recommend others as well.

Arjun Poudel
I passed the EA Part 1 Individuals today. Gleim materials are amazing. This makes 10 exams in a row passed with Gleim! 1 more and I am done.

John Dykeman, CMA, CPA
I love Gleim, and recommend it to all of my classmates. It has been instrumental in helping me understand concepts that are quickly covered in class, allows me to work through additional problems until I am clear on the subject, and even better, gives explanations of why an answer is right or wrong. I absolutely would not have survived intermediate accounting without it! As we progress through more difficult ... [cont.]

Serena Silvaggio, student at West Virginia University
I appreciate the excellent support and service by Gleim. Gleim review materials itself provides a complete reference and insight required for the examination and along with my experience as an auditor, helped me to clear examination in the first attempt.

Sarath Kumar
The customer service Gleim has offered is absolutely superlative! Your people are informed, knowledgeable, understanding, polite and just extremely helpful. I don't know that I've ever encountered such magnificent assistance. Very well done.

Bruce Nelson
Gleim products and the support people are terrific. Without the total team I would have been in dire straits. I highly recommend the Gleim System.

Joseph Richard (Rick) Johnson
Customer support is always wonderful. They get back to me quickly and whatever question or concern I have is always resolved in a timely manner and is well communicated.

Ashley Risher
If you want to pass on the first attempt, use Gleim.

Dutch Holland
I appreciate how much Gleim cares. Most companies sell you a product and don't know or care how well it worked for you. Gleim has always gone out of their way to make sure I succeed.

Glenn Summa
I, Chris Mayone, became an Enrolled Agent (EA) almost 3 years ago, and passed all parts of the EA exam the first time. Gleim has a great product, system, and superior service. An example of the Gleim superior service is my Gleim Representative. She always provides service long after a sale is made, exceeding any expectations I have of customer service. With service like this, I would not consider going to any of the competition.

Chris Mayone, EA
I used the Gleim materials for my CIA exams and found it extremely useful, easy to understand and a great value for money. I would and have recommended Gleim to my colleagues. Oh yeah, EXCELLENT customer service as well.

Lakesha Ross-Duncan CIA, ACCA
In completing my final study unit, I want to express what I consider an education of great value. The cost is minimal, the return priceless.

Terry O'Neill
You guys rock! This is a great value; tons of info at a fair price.

David Barnes
I have used Gleim materials and found that Gleim is very useful for achieving professional qualifications.

Sheji Valiyakath, CIA, CMA, CPA
What I like best about Gleim, is that they utilize known adult education methodologies. In other words, it's not just the technical material that you can get anywhere. The system is targeted at getting you to pass the exam. I've done a lot of online learning and it's usually just reading a text book. It doesn't help me "pass the test." Gleim did.

Scott B.
With Gleim, learning is made easy. You get to learn at your own pace and comfort too. I'd gladly recommend it to anyone.

Zachary Ganama
Good review and explanations make this a useful learning experience.

Leland Calhoun
Excellent presentation and user friendly interface.

Edward Blades
Wow, I'm really impressed and surprised at how easy and convenient your product is. I'm really starting to learn more in depth than from actually reading my textbook, which is saying a lot. Thank you so much. I'll definitely look forward to learning more from you guys.

David Oeur
I thank you for your call alerting me to the near expiration of my course selections. I was likely to use Gleim again, but you can be sure that after this experience I will certainly use Gleim in the future. You guys are on the ball and saved me from being very upset at myself at the waste I would have caused without your timely alert. You know how to do business and certainly built customer loyalty with me.

Larry Rosenman, CPA
Andrew called with very important information regarding my expiration date. I am very grateful. Customer service is above and beyond. Thanks!!

Colin Russell
I am impressed and appreciate your customer service department following through with immediate responses to the comments the students are writing. We can only hope to have this type of excellent support in our other online classes. Keep up the good work!

Terri L. Bordelon Downs
Gleim's quality control, consistency, clarity, take-away outlines and overall learning approach all combine to create a "Wow!" experience.

David Porter, CPA


Gleim Publications develops and distributes study and reference materials to help you learn and understand Accounting and Aviation.

We help you attain higher levels of knowledge (analysis, synthesis, and evaluation) while you learn concepts and problem-solving techniques. Our mission is to maximize knowledge transfer while minimizing your time, frustration, and cost.

We invite you to explore this site and learn more about our company and the products and services we provide. Read about our company history. Find out what it takes to become a pilot. Discover the possibilities of a career in the Accounting field. Explore job opportunities with Gleim Publications. Meet our Sales/Customer Service Team.

Irvin N. Gleim, Ph.D., CIA, CMA, CFM, CPA, CFII, is a Professor Emeritus at the Fisher School of Accounting, University of Florida. He has been active in both pilot and accountant training for over 45 years. His Knowledge Transfer Systems make learning and understanding an intuitively appealing process.

Gleim is an environmentally friendly company. See how our solar panel energy and recycling programs are making a difference.


Dr. Gleim and his wife wrote the first Gleim CPA Review book in 1974. In 1980, when John Wiley took over the publishing of the Gleim CPA Examination Review, sales to accounting students and CPA candidates had grown to over 90% of the CPA review-book market. Dr. Gleim remained as coauthor (Gleim/Delaney) until 1990.

In 1994, Dr. Gleim re-entered the CPA review market with innovative new books, Test Prep Software, audios, and online courses. Since 1980, he has self-published the most widely used CIA Review and CMA Review and five Exam Question and Explanation accounting student study books. Students can use the books to study throughout their college careers, and then use the review manuals to pass professional exams. Gleim also provides hundreds of hours of CPE credit for professional accountants.

In 1980, Dr. Gleim also began self-publishing pilot training books. The dozens of titles, as well as Test Prep, audios, and Gleim Online courses, are very widely used by pilots to pass FAA pilot knowledge tests and FAA practical (flight) tests.