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How to Save on CIA Exam Fees

June 2, 2016

cia exam fees

Like most things, the CIA designation is not free. While the benefits of becoming a CIA definitely outweigh the accrued expenses of time, effort, and money, CIA candidates will have to deal with the CIA exam fees first.

Though the CIA exam fees are unavoidable, they do not have to be unmanageable. The secret to receiving big discounts on CIA exam fees is to become a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).


How the CIA Exam is Scored

April 27, 2016

how the cia exam is scored
Although the content of CIA exam is challenging, the format and grading is uncomplicated.

The simplicity of the CIA exam starts with the parts of the exam and continues to the other aspects. The three parts, titled “Part 1”, “Part 2”, and “Part 3,” consist entirely of multiple-choice questions. No matter when or where you decide to take the CIA exam, a computer handles the administration and scoring, and the absence of varied question types, such as essays or case studies, allows the questions to be equally weighted. The exam is positively graded, so candidates are not penalized for wrong answers. While pre-test questions appear randomly throughout the exam, they do not count toward a candidate’s score.


When and Where to Take the CIA Exam

April 27, 2016

when and where to take the cia exam

Once you plan to pursue the CIA certification, the process of taking the CIA exam is fairly straightforward. You should begin by learning about the CIA exam and deciding which part to take first and which CIA review course to use. Then, you simply schedule, study for, sit for, and pass the CIA exam, and you can begin to enjoy the many benefits of becoming a CIA!

Taking the CIA exam is less complicated than taking other accounting certification exams because it involves fewer restrictions. Unlike the CPA or CMA exam, the CIA exam does not entail exclusive exam sessions or testing windows during which you can sit for the exam. Instead, you have options for when and where to take the CIA exam.


The Benefits of Becoming a CIA

April 20, 2016

the benefits of becoming a cia
Does becoming a CIA sufficiently reward the effort of earning the CIA designation? The best way to be sure is to get the facts, and the facts about the CIA designation reveal that becoming a CIA offers educational, professional, and personal benefits.

Educational Benefits of Becoming a CIA
Achieving the CIA designation expands the scope of your internal audit knowledge and skills. As you study for the CIA exam, you come to understand the profession at a deeper level, and when you pass the exam, you solidify your status as an internal auditing expert. Your enhanced understanding improves your professional performance, and consequently, your confidence and competence escalate as well.


Score Greater CIA Exam Success with Gleim

April 4, 2016

CIA Exam candidates who make great decisions in preparation for the CIA Exam can go on to accomplish great results when they pass the exam. One of the best decisions Brian Lair of Kansas made when he was studying for the CIA Exam was to use Gleim. The Gleim CIA Review System is the most widely used CIA prep on the market and is trusted by more IIA award winners than any other review system. The outstanding results that Brian achieved with the help of Gleim CIA study materials was not only passing the exam, but also winning the Kurt Riedener Award, the Bronze Medal for the CIA Exam. Brian recently shared with Gleim how he used our CIA Review System to pass the exam with such exciting success.


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