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Gleim CMA Exam Prep:
The Most Widely Used Review Course

Why is Gleim #1?
  • Gleim Instruct Video Series

    Over 40 hours of comprehensive instructional videos

  • Access Until You Pass®

    No-hassle guarantee ensuring updated materials while you study

  • Largest Test Bank of Exam Questions

    Questions delivered in our authentic exam day emulation software

CMA Exam Review Course
IMA Approved Partner

Gleim set the standard with the first CMA course over 35 years ago. It is the most widely used CMA review prep, having trained more CMA candidates than any other course on the market.

Gleim Instruct Video Series

Highly acclaimed CMA Exam Video Series featuring lectures by professional educators who are currently teaching at accredited universities across the United States.

  • Lead lecturer and former Gleim student Amy Ford is an ICMA Award Winner for her top score on the CMA exam.
  • Covers the most important topics provided by the ICMA's Content Specification Outlines and Learning Outcome Statements.
  • Guides candidates step-by-step through multiple-choice questions and comprehensive examples.

CMA Exam Study Planner

The Gleim Study Planner is interactive and fully integrated with the Gleim CMA Review Course to provide a study plan based on your goals and needs.

  • Specify your time available and when studying is most convenient for you!
  • Customize the level of support and guidance you want from the Gleim team of experts.
  • Track your progress while identifying your strong and weak areas.

CMA Resources

Visit the CMA exam blog and receive important exam news and study advice
Find everything you need to know about the CMA exam in this free guide
Access 80 free CMA exam questions and our signature answer explanations
Currently enrolled college and university students may qualify for savings on CMA review

Expertly Authored Materials

Best CMA Exam Instructors Dr. Gleim
CMA Exam Video Instructors Amy Ford
CMA Exam Prep Instructor Dr. Dale Flesher

Gleim CMA Customer Reviews

See what our customers are saying
Gleim CMA Prep Reviews
September, 2017
Gleim helped me save time and to better study for the CMA test. You can keep track of how you are performing, what you need to focus on, what are your weakest areas, and what you are already doing well. If you have a question, the team responsible for responding to your questions is very fast and their answers are always enriching and clarifying. I already had the opportunity to study for the PMP test using other materials, and I think that Gleim is the best solution I've had so far because of its easy-to-use interface and similarity with the actual test (visually and in content). The method of studying and learning each unit helped me on saving time and at the same time learning at a deeper level. You do a diagnostic quiz, then watch the Gleim Instruct Videos, read the materials, do another quiz and essay question for each study unit, and every time you receive feedback of how you are performing. I always recommend Gleim to my colleagues and friends. The CMA Review System is very comprehensive, intuitive, and designed for self-studying in an easy way. I used only Gleim materials for every study unit since the content in the study system is so complete and up-to-date.

- Julio Damiao, CMA, PMP, Brazil
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