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CMA Exam Medal Winners

More CMA Exam Medal Winners Passed Using Gleim

    ICMA Gold Medal Winners

  • Charles McClellan (Indiana, USA)

    I took both sections of the CMA exam during the 2015 May/June testing window. I had just graduated from college and had 2 months of free time until I started work. I wanted to use this narrow window of time to work towards my CMA designation, and knew that choosing the right study materials would be very important in achieving this goal. After doing a bit of research online I decided to use Gleim. I am pleased with the decision I made. By following Gleim’s study plan I was able to arrive at the testing center on the day of my exams feeling thoroughly prepared and confident. In particular, I found Gleim’s test banks and practice quizzes to be especially beneficial. They did an excellent job preparing me for the difficulty level of the exam questions, as well as simulating the actual testing environment. I ended up being so well prepared that I was able to achieve the highest overall score out of anyone who took the CMA exam during that testing window. I would highly recommend Gleim’s product to anyone who is considering taking the CMA exam.

  • Nicolas Lehmann (Switzerland)

    In the CMA exam window September/October 2014, I achieved the highest score out of all test takers. The foundations of this result were a thorough understanding of the topics as well as practice in tackling the multiple-choice questions. In both areas, Gleim products were perfectly useful to me. With the books I got general information about the exam as well as specific exam taking strategies. Furthermore, the content was easy to learn given the well-outlined units with definitions, explanations, sample questions and sample essays. The books helped me to get a complete grasp of the CMA curriculum. To get practice when it comes to solving multiple-choice questions, I used the Gleim CMA Test Prep. The Test Prep emulates the Prometric testing environment very well. This helped me to feel comfortable during the two exams. Additionally, the Gleim Test Prep is packed with an enormous amount of questions about every subject. And with the performance analyses, it showed me in which subjects I was performing well and where some additional effort was needed. Overall, I was very happy to use the Gleim materials during my preparation for the CMA exam and I believe they were key to my excellent result. I can highly recommend the Gleim products to every person who is preparing for the CMA exam.

  • Lee Niedenthal (Michigan, USA)

    The CMA offers a variety of benefits - professional, networking, salary - so I decided to pursue the credential. I purchased the Gleim CMA Parts 1 and 2 and could not have been happier with the decision. The text made the content easy to read and comprehend, with preparatory questions sprinkled in at just the right times to reinforce key points. The Test Prep Online was invaluable as a practice tool and diagnostic - I was able to readily assess whether or not I was prepared to take the exam using this tool. I received the ICMA Gold Medal for the Jan-Feb 2013 testing window. The Gleim materials allowed me to accomplish this with a minimal investment of money and time. The Gleim material is presented in such a natural, intuitive manner that I spent a combined total of two months preparing for both parts of the CMA. This is a high quality product at an affordable price.

  • Richard Zhe Wang (Illinois, USA)

    I used the excellent CMA review materials from Gleim to prepare for my CMA examinations and received the ICMA Gold Medal for achieving the highest scores in the world in the May-June 2012 testing window. Gleim's CMA study package offers several key features that I found very useful: first, Gleim's textbooks introduce key contents in a succinct and easy to understand manner. Second, the online practice questions reinforce the key concepts and techniques in a format that is as close to the actual CMA exam experience as possible. Third, Gleim's flexible self-study system allows me to structure my own study schedule. I can virtually study everywhere, anytime I want - in front of a computer, in my study and even on the train. I spent one and a half months to prepare for both parts of the CMA exam and managed to pass with the highest scores. I recommend this high quality review product for anyone who has the determination to succeed in the CMA exams.

  • Sean Gaffney, CMA (Florida, USA)

    I used Gleim to study for the CMA exam last summer. Putting in about 50-100 hours of study per part I was able to pass each of the four parts on the first try. In addition to passing, I earned the highest cumulative score for the four-part test for Summer 2010 and will be awarded the Johnson & Johnson Gold Medal by the IMA. I couldn't have done it without the Gleim materials and strongly recommend them to anyone who wants to pass the exams.

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    Priscilla S. Payne Student Performance Award Winners

  • Rob Bellile (Ohio, USA)

    I was wrapping up my third year of college when I decided to sit for the CMA exam. I began studying for the CMA exam in the middle of May after classes were finished and sat for both exams within a six-week time period. Gleim's Review Books and Test Prep were instrumental tools that I used on my way to being awarded the Priscilla S. Payne Student Performance Award during the May-June 2012 testing window. This accolade is awarded to the highest exam score amongst students who sit for both parts of the CMA exam in the same testing window. It is truly an honor to be part of this respected group within the accounting profession, and this award has generated many opportunities for me as a student and as a professional.

    I found several key features in the Gleim program very helpful during my preparation. The books are written in short paragraphs and bullet points, which makes them easy to read and very efficient for studying. Test Prep Online tracks your performance on the practice multiple-choice questions by subject matter so you can spend extra time on topics you struggle with and skim over areas you already know well. It also monitors your speed to help ensure you finish within the time limit on exam day. Based on the thorough, yet efficient nature of the materials, I would highly recommend Gleim to anyone looking to pass the CMA exam.

  • Benjamin Silva (Rhode Island, USA)

    I was in the first semester of my senior year of college when I was introduced to the IMA and the CMA exam through the IMA’s Student Leadership Conference. I decided that during winter break that year I would study for and take the CMA exam. To achieve that goal I used Gleim’s CMA exam review materials. The CMA Review books expertly outlined all the material that the exam covered and the example questions in the back of each chapter reinforced the concepts. However the most effective part of the Gleim review system was the test prep. The Test Prep allowed you to analyze the types of questions that you struggle with and generate “quizzes” that target only those areas. Through the use of Gleim CMA exam review materials I was able to achieve the highest student score on the CMA exam during the winter 2011 testing window and was awarded the Priscilla S. Payne Student Performance Award.

    When I decided to take the CPA exam after graduation from college I knew from my experience with the CMA exam that I could rely on the Gleim review system to guide me through my test preparation. The Gleim CPA review materials allowed me to take and pass all four parts of the CPA exam in one two-month window while achieving the highest score in Rhode Island on the CPA exam during the 2011 exam year earning the Nicholas Picchione Gold Award. I can confidently recommend the Gleim review system to anyone pursuing an accounting certification!

  • Philipp Andris (Germany)

    Good study materials are of course essential to grasp the CMA curriculum. But personally, practice was the key. Practice helped me gain the knowledge and understanding to solve even the most difficult questions. Practice reveals your weaknesses and will show you where to put additional effort. Practicing with as many questions possible will prepare you to deal with the time pressure during the CMA exams.

    Gleim Online, with its extensive online question database, helped me to get the practice necessary to achieve an outstanding result and to be among the top scorers during my testing period. I received a distinguished performance award and the Priscilla S. Payne Student Performance Award for achieving the highest score as a student, which I doubt would have been possible without Gleim.

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    Bronze Medal Winners

  • Rewa Kamboj, Bcom (H), CA, CMA (Overland Park, Kansas)

    The Gleim review course provides a robust mechanism to prepare for the CMA exams in a user-friendly way. The online materials coupled with vivacious lectures not only gives insights into the wide course content but also facilitates easier/deeper understanding of complex topics. The course is relentlessly intuitive, encouraging students to improve their scores with each review question.

    I have been the follower of textbook approach throughout my student life. However, the interactive course introduced me to a completely new, innovative method of learning. I studied for the course, both parts, for a period of less than six months and managed to secure third rank, thanks to the Gleim CMA review material. Wish such courses were also available in India when I was pursuing Chartered Accountancy in 2000.

    The Gleim review course is easy to follow, is presented in an interesting logical manner, and aids in progressive testing with multiple test modules. It provides ready to use summaries and audio-visual presentation for last minute exam preparations. It also has a mammoth question bank providing students with unlimited opportunities to practice. I will recommend the course to all the aspiring candidates and urge them follow the Suggested Steps as outlined in the program. Thanks, Gleim!!

  • Michael Piecuch, CPA, CMA, MBA (California)

    The Gleim CMA Review was a vital component of the strategy I used to successfully pass the CMA exam. Gleim's study materials were succinct, easy to follow and accurately reflected the material tested during the exam. Furthermore, Gleim's bank of study questions were worded exactly like the exam itself and had me prepared and on the lookout for "trick" questions. I studied the two Gleim CMA Review books for approximately 40 hours in aggregate, then spent another 20 hours taking practice exams using Gleim's study questions, for a grand total of just 60 hours of study time. I also used the Gleim CPA Review system when I took and passed that exam as well. Gleim has been such a helpful and vital tool in my professional career and I would certainly recommend their products for anyone ready to take on the challenge of the CMA exam.

  • Saif Lalani (Canada)

    I was just informed I received the ICMA Bronze Medal for the January-February 2012 testing window. The Gleim materials were excellent. They helped me pass by dedicating less than 100 hours of study, which I think is quite amazing. I will recommend Gleim to anyone who needs to study for CMA!

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    Certificate of Distinguished Performance Winners

  • Kim Chi, CMA (Vietnam)

    As an international student from Vietnam, facing language and culture barriers, it means a lot to me to pass the CMA exams as well as to receive the Certificate of Distinguished Performance. I exclusively used Gleim to study and I was able to pass both parts within six weeks. I can’t thank Gleim enough for providing such a great review system and for preparing me so well for the CMA exam.

    Gleim’s textbooks are comprehensive and cover all of the exam’s content. They also provide illustrations that helped me to understand difficult topics. In addition, Gleim’s huge question bank is really what was essential to my success, which gave me the opportunity to apply and memorize the materials. Furthermore, Gleim provides a good number of essay questions and an easy-to-follow key that gave me confidence, even though English is not my first language. Moreover, Gleim does such a good job at simulating the actual Prometric testing experience that I was comfortable when taking the exam.

    I spent a total of 60 hours to study for each part and got an average of 75% on Gleim’s practice quizzes, but I got the top ten scores out of 5,000 test takers during the May-Jun 2016 testing window. I would encourage CMA candidates to use Gleim as their resource. Thank you Gleim!

  • Shanshan Qu, ACCA, CMA (Saint Joseph, Michigan)

    When I planned to take the CMA exam, my younger son was less than a year old. I knew that limited time would be the biggest challenge for me. After comparing the available resources in the market, I decided to choose the Gleim Review System. The text books are excellently organized and easy to understand. When it comes to examining how well I have learned the content of every unit, the Gleim CMA Test Prep helped me to easily target my weak points. Not only so, the comprehensive practice questions with exam mode closely simulate the real exam at the Prometric center.

    I have to say that Gleim offers me, who has an accounting background and not much free time, an effective way to prepare for the CMA exam. I did not expect to get an award, but the Gleim CMA Review System is more than enough to pass the exam. When I took both sections of the CMA exam during the 2016 May/June testing window, I felt confident and there were few questions that surprised me. The result of receiving the award of Distinguished Performance validated my investment in the Gleim CMA Review System.

  • Paul Vincent Alducente, CMA, PMP (United Arab Emirates)

    I have been working for the last 8 years and decided that it is time to give myself an upgrade in terms of my qualification. CMA was one of the qualifications and chose to pursue. I have a very limited time for studying due to my job, I find going to review classes quite difficult to achieves and costly at the same time so I started looking for a self-study material that is brief but concise and should contain everything I needed to understand in order to pass the exam. After reviewing other materials, I have found Gleim Online Review and it was just everything I needed. The Course outline materials were perfect, as each topic were covered extensively but in a much lesser texts than those of textbooks. The question banks gave me an exposure of what to expect on the exam and it did give quite a similar experience that once taking the exam, it just felt as if I was just doing the question banks in Gleim online.

    The essay part of the exam was something quite new to me and the Gleim online had gave me an insight as to what examiners normally look into the answers and what format should work..

    Gleim gave me the confidence and equipped me fully in order to not only pass the exam on first attempt but also got me one of the highest scores in the exam.

  • Greg Nelson (Utah, USA)

    In preparing for the CMA Exam, it can be difficult to know where to start. I decided to use Gleim to help me prepare and give me an understanding of what the exam would be like. More than anything, Gleim gave me a road map to studying and the confidence that I had covered all vital components of the exam. The quizzes helped me prod for weaknesses in my understanding of the material. I was surprised at how similar the Gleim quiz software is to the actual Prometric testing experience and how comfortable I felt taking the exam.

    As any skilled test-taker knows, it's not just about knowing WHAT the material is, but also understanding HOW the ICMA asks the questions and learning their style of problem writing. This is important to truly understand what they are asking for in a problem and to better anticipate the answer. I feel that Gleim did a fantastic job preparing me not just for the WHAT, but also the HOW of the CMA Exam.

  • Alec Epkes (Illinois, USA)

    As an accounting professional, I wanted to develop my skills and competencies in a way that distinguished myself as a candidate upon graduation. For this reason, I decided to pursue my CMA designation and sit for the two-part exam during the Sept./Oct. window in 2015. I chose to utilize the Gleim CMA Review System because of its intuitive format and proven record. There were no tricks or short-cuts to my preparations. I simply followed the Gleim system with a measure of diligence that saw me through the challenging periods of the test prep process. The Knowledge Transfer Outlines were easy to follow and well complemented by the Test Prep environment. Continued practice of multiple-choice questions from Gleim's large question bank was essential to my success.

    When the exam days came, I was confident that the Gleim system prepared me for the exam content. Receiving the Certificate of Distinguished Performance validated the investment I made in the Gleim CMA Review system. I would endorse the Gleim system for anyone aspiring to attain the CMA designation. I am currently using Gleim CPA review system for the Uniform CPA Examination.

  • Adam Bradley, CMA, CFE (Virginia, USA)

    The Gleim Test Preparation Software gave me the ability to study when I had the opportunity in order to pass the Certified Management Accountant exam on the first try. I could listen to the audio files as I exercised or answer questions in the computer program when I was at home. Having the multiple study options allowed me to prepare whenever I had the time without being limited to one method that might not have always been available. The scoring within the computer program was accurate, and the option to drill down to the sub-units where I needed more work meant I could focus on those areas where my score was below passing without having to answer questions in areas I was proficient. Based on my performance on the exam, I was awarded the Certificate of Distinguished Performance by the Institute of Certified Management Accountants.

  • Brad Hughes (Tennessee, USA)

    I passed both parts of the CMA exam in the Sept/Oct 2013 testing window. I also won a Certificate of Distinguished Performance for scoring one of the highest scores on the exam. I plan on attending the 2014 IMA Annual Conference in Minneapolis to accept the award. I used Gleim Study material for both parts. I decided to use Gleim based on reviews I read online which recommended Gleim for candidates who had an accounting background and who preferred to study on their own. The books and Test Prep prepared me very well... I did almost 3000 practice problems in total. The actual questions on the exam seemed easy in comparison to the Test Prep. Gleim is the most affordable and comprehensive review material out there. The illustrations are easy to follow and the Test Prep is awesome. You can identify your weaknesses and customize your test questions to improve on those areas. The recommended 75% proficiency level was fairly accurate. My average for the 3000 questions was around 80% and I scored in the top 1%.

  • John Rogers, CPA, CMA (Oklahoma, USA)

    Gleim's CMA Review System was instrumental in helping me achieve my goals of passing both parts of the exam in a short time frame and on the first try. I didn't want to take the exam more than once, so I trusted Gleim to steer me along the path to success. The materials suggested a very specific way to structure my review time, which helped me use my time wisely and focus in the right areas. This efficient structure allowed me to fit short study sessions into my day while juggling a full time job and caring for my newborn daughter. After three months of disciplined study using only Gleim's review system, I passed the test with one of the top total scores in my testing window and received a Certificate of Distinguished Performance. Look no further than Gleim's CMA review system if you're serious about passing the CMA exam.

  • Matthew Wolf (Pennsylvania, USA)

    Why should I hire you? At a time when jobs are difficult to find and the competition for positions are fierce, potential employees need to be able to separate themselves from other candidates. That is why I chose to become a Certified Management Accountant. It was a long and rigorous process, but I would eventually become a CMA and earn a Certificate of Distinguished Performance for having one of the top scores on the exam.

    How was I able to achieve such a high score? When I was researching test-preparation materials and study programs, I was looking for something that was interactive and challenging so that I could be best prepared to pass the Certified Management Accountant exam. That is when I found Gleim.

    Gleim went beyond the basic review courses by offering different ways of studying for the exam. By combining review books, outlines, and online questions, I was able to craft an exam strategy that was tailored to my learning style. Gleim’s multiple-choice questions are what separated me from just passing the exam to achieving one of the highest scores on the exam for that testing window. The multiple-choice questions from Gleim cover the topics and key concepts presented in the review books. The questions are not simple, whereby one can just memorize definitions. Gleim’s questions force you to be able to apply the concepts you learned to solve complex, real-world problems. These are the types of questions that are presented on the actual Certified Management Accountant exam. I would not have earned the Certificate of Distinguished Performance if it was not for the Gleim review materials.

  • Amy Ford, CMA, CPA (Illinois, USA)

    As an educator, I know how important preparation is for success on exams. I used the Gleim study materials when I prepared for the CMA exam in June 2011. Not only did I pass the exam on my first attempt, but I earned a Certificate of Distinguished Performance for achieving one of the top overall scores. The Gleim CMA Review materials covered all of the exam content in an organized and efficient manner. My favorite part of the Gleim system was the Test Prep program that emulated the exam format. By practicing with multiple choice questions in the Test Prep program, I was able to determine what study units I needed to spend more time reviewing. Using this system, I felt confident and prepared when I arrived for my exam. I have also used Test Prep in the classroom with my students. I recommend Gleim for anyone preparing for the CMA exam.

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