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Weather-Related CPA Exam Site Closures: Everything You Need to Know

September 15, 2017

weather-related cpa exam site closures

When you wake up on exam day, one of the last things on your mind may be the first thing to keep you from taking the CPA Exam: the weather. No matter the time of year, bad weather can whip up and jeopardize your testing appointment despite all of your preparations. While you can’t know what the weather will be like when you schedule your appointment, you can know what to do if inclement weather causes your appointment to be canceled. Here is the information you need if you experience a weather-related CPA Exam site closure.


CPA Exam Review for CPA Exam Confidence

September 13, 2017

cpa exam review

When you enter the Prometric testing center to take the CPA Exam, there is one emotion you’ll want to feel above all else: confidence. When you feel confident, you can do your best, and when you do your best, you can pass each CPA Exam section the first time you sit.

The key ingredients for confidence during the CPA Exam are preparation and comfort. To secure the confidence you need for CPA success, learn how exam-emulating CPA Exam review equips you to be prepared for and comfortable with the CPA Exam.


Task-Based Simulations CPA Exam Testing Tips

September 12, 2017

Task-Based Simulations CPA Exam

Whether you are preparing to encounter 4 Task-Based Simulations (TBSs) on BEC or 8 TBSs on AUD, FAR, and REG, you need to plan how you will approach the TBSs under CPA Exam conditions. Completing these unique question types in the testing environment requires careful forethought and extensive practice. After you have applied the best CPA Task-Based Simulation study tips, recall this Task-Based Simulations CPA Exam advice when you sit for the exam.


2017 CPA Exam Pass Rates

September 7, 2017

2017 cpa exam pass rates

With the launch of a new CPA Exam version and a delayed score release, 2017 is a momentous period in CPA Exam history, and the recent release of the Q2 2017 CPA Exam pass rates adds yet another significant event to this year’s timeline. This first batch of pass rates provides new information about the latest version of the exam, so we’ve analyzed them and compared them to the Q1 2017 and 2016 CPA Exam pass rates.


CPA Experience Verification Service: New from NASBA

September 6, 2017

cpa experience verification

The journey to becoming a CPA involves meeting several requirements for licensure, one of which is the experience requirement. While this requirement differs depending on the jurisdiction involved, the majority of state boards expect CPA candidates to complete 1-2 years of work in public accounting, and this work must be verified by a CPA. Until recently, you had to know a CPA, either by working with or reporting directly to him or her, in order to receive this verification. However, NASBA now offers a special service that enables you to have your work experience verified without actually knowing a CPA.


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