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How to Cut Your CPA Exam Costs: Part 2

September 26, 2016

CPA Exam Costs
Saving Money on the CPA Exam

Once you learn all about the CPA Exam fees and begin to total the cost of CPA Exam, you may be looking for some ways to save. Thankfully, there are many different steps you can take to lower the amount of money you spend in the process of passing the CPA Exam. We’ve already divulged five ideas for reducing your CPA Exam cost, so catch up on those first. Then add these additional tips for cutting your CPA Exam costs.


Schedule CPA Exam Today: Top 4 Reasons

September 22, 2016

Schedule CPA Exam

With the last quarter of 2016 upon us, the countdown to the release of the next version of the CPA Exam continues. If you intend to sit for a few more sections before the major exam changes take place, you have a limited amount of time left! The harder iteration of the exam launches April 1, 2017, and only two more testing windows remain until then. With the testing window extension, the final testing window of 2016 is open until December 10, and the last testing window featuring the current CPA Exam runs from January 1 to March 10. Of the six months remaining before the next version arrives, you have about 110 days to sit for the current version.


The Most Beneficial CPA Study Materials: Gleim CPA Review

September 20, 2016

cpa study materials

Choosing a CPA review provider isn’t as glamorous a financial decision as say, buying a new car, but long term, it is much more rewarding. The benefits of becoming a CPA are many, and the sooner you pass the CPA Exam, the sooner you can enjoy those benefits.

However, securing the CPA certification is also challenging, so you’ll want a review system that pulls its weight by simplifying the study process. A long history in the industry and a proven positive track recorder can help you identify the review provider that has such a system.


BEC Written Communication Tips for Studying

September 14, 2016

BEC Written Communication Tips

To assess the professional competencies of CPA candidates, the CPA Exam comprises many challenging case study simulations that very closely resemble real-life scenarios. On the BEC CPA Exam section, these simulations take the form of a writing skills exercise requiring candidates to write a memo or a letter in response to a hypothetical situation in which a practicing CPA might be placed. These simulations, called BEC Written Communication Tasks (WCs), only appear in the BEC section of the CPA Exam, and they only account for 15% of your BEC score. However, this type of simulation is quite unique and affords candidates who master it the chance to secure a significant portion of their score. Therefore, you should specifically prepare for the WCs, and you should do so by following these BEC Written Communication tips for studying.


How to Cut Your CPA Exam Cost: Part 1

September 6, 2016

CPA Exam Cost

Saving Money on the CPA Exam

Learning about CPA Exam fees and getting an estimate of the cost of CPA Exam are important steps to take on your journey to passing the CPA Exam, but they do not have to be your only financially-related steps. If you’d like to lower the amount of money you pay to pass the CPA Exam, you can also utilize the following tips for cutting your CPA Exam cost. By discovering discounts and planning exam sections wisely, you may be surprised by just how much you can save!


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