Studying for the CPA Exam During the Holidays

Studying for CPA exam during the holidays

The holiday season is one of the best times of the year, but it is also a time that tempts us with distractions from studying for the CPA Exam. If you’ve got a testing appointment scheduled for a few weeks or a month from now, then you can’t afford to take a few days (and certainly not a week) off even with all the festivities happening around you. Giving yourself the best chance at exam success requires you to stay focused throughout the season, and though it may not sound so fun, it is definitely worth it. Maintain your commitment to passing by relying on these suggestions for studying for the CPA Exam during the holidays.

Tips for Studying for the CPA Exam During the Holidays

  • Stick to your study schedule.

    As the holidays draw closer, continue to follow your study schedule so you don’t fall behind. If taking time off leaves you feeling insufficiently prepared when your testing appointment comes, you risk not passing that section. You could reschedule your appointment, but that costs a bit of money, and if doing so jeopardizes credit for sections you’ve already passed, then it could cost you even more money and a great deal of time as well. Either way, the exam process will continue to drag on and cause you to miss more than just one holiday if you don’t do whatever is necessary to pass on your upcoming test day. Prioritize your studies and sacrifice some fun now so you can pass faster and enjoy more good times in the future.

  • Use an interactive study planner.

    As much as you’ll try to sustain your studies, the holiday season can be unpredictable and consume more time than you expect. Weather causes travel delays like flight cancellations or road closings, or your family may call upon you to help dodge a holiday fiasco. Even the festive times of year have their flaws, so you may have to skip a study session or two despite your dedication. If that happens, you’ll be thankful you have an interactive study planner. An interactive study planner like the one found in Gleim CPA Review adjusts to your lifestyle and simplifies your study schedule in the midst of it. Using our study planner involves inputting your study start date, your exam date, your personal blackout dates, and the amount of time you can study each day. The planner then provides an agenda featuring the due dates for each study unit as well as the timeline for your final review. If you need to add or remove a blackout date, the study planner will adjust the study unit due dates based on these changes. If you miss a study session and don’t make it up in three days, the study planner will send you an email or text alerting you to the fact that you have fallen behind. With adjustable due dates and convenient reminders, our interactive study planner is essential for keeping you on track for CPA Exam success.

  • Stay flexible, not stressed.

    Even if you reduce your study time during the holidays, studying regularly throughout the season will spare you from having to play catch up when normal life resumes. If you miss a study session or two to enjoy the big holiday moments, don’t pressure yourself to make it up by doubling your study efforts the very next day. Instead, lengthen each of the next few days’ worth of study sessions by fifteen minutes to a half an hour so you can get that time back simply and steadily. Sometimes you have to be flexible to survive during the holidays, so apply that flexibility to your studies as well in order to keep your stress levels low. Just breathe and let it go if something unexpected prevents you from studying how you would have liked. Make the most of times when you have to be active but not engaged by using a variety of CPA self-study materials. You can watch CPA lectures on video while you’re wrapping presents or baking cookies, or you can listen to audio reviews when you’re driving or cleaning. You can even just take a few practice quizzes of CPA test questions to stay in the game if you’re too swamped for a full study session. Just do your best with the time you have. You definitely won’t regret your rigid study schedule when you pass the CPA Exam, but overworking yourself during such a busy time will only make it harder to recover from the chaos of the season.

  • Tell your friends and family about your study needs.

    If out-of-town friends and family will be stopping by or staying over, be honest with them about how important it is for you to study now so you can pass the CPA Exam really soon. Let your family and friends know about the benefits of becoming a CPA and the CPA requirement of passing the CPA Exam, then request that they accommodate your study schedule as best they can and support your study sessions with peace and quiet. Once they understand why you’re pursuing the CPA by taking the exam, they may even help hold you accountable for studying. Their extra encouragement will go a long way toward helping you stay focused this time of year.

  • Find a quiet place to study away from all the holiday activity

    Even if your friends and family have your back, you might still need some space to concentrate. If they’re understanding of your need to study, you can be understanding of their opportunity to celebrate by relocating your review. Get up early to visit a coffee shop or the library so you can complete a solid study session before your family has a chance to miss you too much. Alternatively, you could stay late at work and break out the books in your office if it is quiet enough. No matter where you go or when you go, make sure you pick a place with minimal distractions so you’re really focusing and soaking up the material. When you know you put in a productive review, you can return to the fun feeling accomplished and ready to join in.

  • Take time to relax with friends and family.

    As soon as you’ve checked off your daily study assignment, remember to take advantage of the special opportunities you have to be with your family and friends over the holiday season. Time with those we love is a real treasure, so give yourself a study break that is long enough to let you truly celebrate the holidays the way they were meant to be celebrated: with others.

CPA Review for the Holidays

Studying for the CPA Exam during the holidays will be much less stressful when you rely on a CPA course that takes the guesswork out of your review. If you want exam prep that determines what you need to study and shows you how to do it, Gleim CPA Review is the way to go. Powered by our proprietary SmartAdaptTM technology, our course detects your weak areas and creates a personalized learning plan that empowers you to strengthen them. SmartAdapt recommends the most efficient learning techniques to help you progress faster, but if you ever struggle with a topic, SmartAdapt pulls from our extremely thorough study materials to make sure you reach full understanding. Of course, Gleim CPA Review also features an interactive study planner that helps you forge ahead toward exam success even during the busiest times of life. See how Gleim CPA Review prepares you to pass better than any other course by accessing our free CPA demo today.