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March, 2015
The Gleim System worked well for me because it allowed me to adjust how much I studied based on the changes in my day-to-day responsibilities. The Gleim methodology clearly works. At first, I did not even know how to start preparing, but by following Gleim's plan, I was ready for each test. I would recommend Gleim for its ability to prepare you for the CPA exam, and for it's incredible price. If I decide to pursue a CIA designation, I will use Gleim again.
Jonathan Boulos

March, 2015
Gleim helped me create an organized study plan to stay on track through the various sections. I was able to easily adjust my study plan when I needed to, which is extremely beneficial when trying to balance work, school, and studying. Also, I tend to procrastinate, so the due dates Gleim set up for me worked as a great motivational factor to stay on track. Gleim's organization and structure makes it easier to handle such a large workload for each test. Additionally, Gleim shows you exactly how you're performing before you take the exam, so you will have a great idea of how prepared you are on exam day. I have already told people in my firm of the success I've had with Gleim. My words of advice to anyone would be that if you follow the steps Gleim provides, and you are doing well on the practice exams, you will succeed! For myself, there was a direct correlation between how I was doing on the practice exams and how I performed on the actual CPA exam. If you take the time and follow Gleim's recommendations, you will pass the CPA exam! I would use Gleim for any other certification I needed or wanted in the future. Thanks again to everyone at Gleim! You have a great program and it's the reason I am finally done with the CPA exam!!
Eric Zimmerman
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