CPA Testimonials

What our customers have to say about Gleim study materials.
(All letters, emails, and comments are reprinted with permission.)

December, 2014
It has been thirteen years since I graduated college, so I expected my exam preparation process to require extra work. Not only did the Gleim Review System do an outstanding job in bringing my knowledge base up to par, it also provided a structured program to keep me on track and hone the time management skills needed to do well on the tests. I believe that my scores would have been significantly lower, and the time frame for passing the exam would have been much longer, had I not used the Gleim materials. I would not hesitate in recommending this system to others. Thanks to Gleim, I was able to pass all four sections on the first attempt in a nine month period. FAR-85, AUD-85, BEC-81 and REG-87
Andrew K

November, 2014
I would like to thank Dr. Gleim and his team for making the CIA and CPA Review Systems! I purchased preparation materials for both exams and was able to pass all 3 CIA exams and 4 CPA exams on the very first attempt, save for Regulation, which I passed on my second try. Despite the overwhelming nature of the information, the Gleim materials covered each subject thoroughly and really helped me in understanding difficult points. I am pretty sure I will use Gleim materials to maintain my certifications, so thank you very much again!
Askar Kantarbayev, Internal Audit Manager, Eurasian Group LLP, Astana, Kazakhstan