Angela Brinley, CPA
I recently completed my final test and received my CPA certification. While many students tackle the CPA examination early in their career, I found it a bit more challenging to tackle it as a working adult. Gleim provided a structured process that enabled me to stay the course while managing a full-time job. I cannot say enough good things about the counselors and the structure of the Gleim system. I found the test bank of questions to be a great source for reviewing materials. The course provided a defined method to complete each of the areas of study. The structure of the Gleim program keeps you focused and on task. I would recommend Gleim to anyone who is preparing to sit for the CPA exam. While I found the testing process to be challenging, Gleim provided the essentials tools to prepare me towards a successful completion. I am currently done with the CPA exam and smiling ear to ear. Thank you for such a positive experience. I am happy to report by scores as follows: BEC – 80, AUD – 78, FAR – 82, and REG – 85. If you are considering a test prep system, I would highly recommend the Gleim system.