Becky Giombi
I got input from faculty members at my graduate program and ultimately chose Gleim because it was so affordable compared to other options and also came highly recommended. I found the online study calendar to be a really effective way to stay on task and not fall behind. The Gleim material was detailed but also very digestible. The material for each exam was divided into twenty subunits, and this helped me not to feel overwhelmed. I felt the Gleim simulations were especially excellent preparation for the real exams. Additionally, the enormous bank of multiple choice questions for each exam were so helpful, and I never felt like I was seeing the same questions over and over again. I received excellent customer service whenever I had questions about the materials or the various updates that are released to keep the information current. My personal counselor through Gleim always responded promptly and made sure my questions were answered. I've already recommended Gleim to several friends and will continue to do so. It's a really effective, to-the-point, affordable review system that gets the job done.