Eric Murphy, CPA
The Gleim program was the answer I’d been looking for to finally conquer the exam. I’ve used other programs before and none of them compared to the step by step process Gleim used, which truly prepared me to conquer all four parts on my first try. I was astounded by how much the timed quizzes and the recommended time per question really strengthened me to finish all my exams in the allotted time and with scores of 83- FAR, 82 - AUD, 75 - REG, and 78 - BEC. The Study planner was essential to keeping me on track considering I was working full time. The Personal Counselors were always encouraging and helpful. Even when I felt despair throughout the process they never stopped believing in me. I will recommend Gleim to all future students and I will use them again for any other designations I choose to pursue. It truly works!