Holly Fowler, CPA
I first called Gleim to get some information as I had not fully decided to attempt the exam. After speaking to Debbie she assured me that the access to materials would be available until I passed. The knowledge that I would have access until I passed made me feel more relaxed. After I purchased the material, every time there was an update I had access to the new material. I really liked the lectures they were much easier for me than having to read all of the material. I listened to the audio files while in the car and at my desk at work. The review portion helped me to focus on my weaknesses since you had graphs showing cumulative results of each chapter and sub chapter. It was comforting to have my own personal counselor to keep me on track with my studying. I am so glad that I made the decision to take the jump and purchase Gleim. It was so well developed that it didn't feel like I was giving up my entire life just to study. So 16 months after my purchase I had passed my exams. If I can do it working full time with a family and many other responsibilities I think anyone can. I hope that anyone scared to take the step will and that they will use the Gleim system to make it easier.