Tracy Caisse
I don’t think I would have passed the exams without having the Gleim review. I decided to change my career from biology to accounting, so I went back to school part time for a second bachelor’s degree to attain CPA licensure. Being a mom of two young children and working part time, my degree took me five years. During those five years, the exam drastically changed, especially with the inclusion of IFRS, and my training did not include other areas that were beginning to appear on the exam. I took the exams after I graduated and I failed all four sections, mostly within a few points of a passing grade. So, I decided that I needed more training than my college classes had offered and started using Gleim. I was impressed with the ease of program. The scheduling component helped me to stay on track, even with juggling kids and work. The videos contain a wealth of information, including the areas that are heavily tested. The testing components simulate the actual exam, so I was completely comfortable with the exam setup when I took the actual exams. The practice test questions were just like the exam questions, training me on how to weed out unnecessary information and to focus on what information I needed to quickly find the answer. Best of all is that I passed each section the next time I took the exams! Now, I am just waiting for my license to be mailed to me – thanks Gleim!!