William Joseph Merritt
I have the Gleim Review System to thank for passing the CPA Exam on my first attempt. First of all, Gleim is very affordable. Almost everyone I know used a different provider, and when I told them that Gleim cost half as much, they were immediately jealous. Second, the Gleim Review System fit my style of learning very well. I am a visual learner, but I am extremely tired of powerpoints after 5 years of college. So the video lectures worked very well for me because I could watch the professor teach and take notes on the material without simply looking at a powerpoint the whole time. Finally, Gleim's method of taking a pre-test to diagnose your skill level and then going over the material worked well for me with my hectic schedule. It allowed me to focus more on the areas in which I was weaker. Whenever anyone asks which review software to use to study for the CPA Exam, I immediately recommend Gleim. If it worked so well for me, it can work for anyone. Given the opportunity, I would use Gleim for any other certifications that I may need. Whether that is CPE, or the CMA and CIA, I have full confidence that Gleim would empower me to pass any exam I would have to take.