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GLEIM Testimony Archives

December, 2009
I took five 4 hour courses in Auditing for A & A credit. All were VERY good, well written, and interesting.
Christopher Flager, CPA

June, 2009
Review materials are extremely helpful. I appreciated the flow diagram and the sample questions. I found the outline to be very well done, and suitable as a refresher. My objective was to get up to date, refresh prior knowledge, and this course actually did that."

January, 2009
The Gleim test prep materials were the reason I passed the CMA test. The study materials are simply the best around - well written and focused on the goal of passing the test. So, I decided to continue using Gleim as my CPE provider for two major reasons: I believe in the Gleim study method and materials, and the CPE online courses are highly accessible, economical and truly a pleasure to take. Gleim has such as variety of courses that I can go for years not taking the same course twice. Of course, the courses are so good that I look forward to taking many of them again next year as a refresher. A proud Gleim student! Thank you.
Joseph Pittman

December, 2008
I just want you to know that I think your correspondence courses are the best available!

November, 2008
I have now completed more than 100 hours of Gleim CPE, and am very pleased with what I feel has been an excellent learning experience. My primary reasons for using Gleim CPE in the beginning were the convenience of the online approach and the affordability factor. As I have progressed through the courses, I have found them to be high-quality and challenging courses, and a good resource for researching cases in which I have been engaged. So, overall, my experience with Gleim CPE has been very satisfactory and I plan to continue using these courses for a majority of my CPE hours. Finally, I have found the staff to be both knowledgeable and very amiable, and that has also been a big help to me.
Robert Manley, CPA

May, 2008
I have been a lawyer for many years but only this year became an Enrolled Agent. I decided to get started on the 72 hour CPE requirement and selected Gleim online for my provider. Just this morning, I completed my 24 hours for this year. I am very impressed with the high quality and level of sophistication of Gleim's online taxation CPE courses. I learned a great deal about tax accounting in enough detail that I feel much more confidence in myself as a practitioner. Users be warned, however: Gleim doesn't give anything away. I worked hard to learn the material and pass each of the online final quizzes.
Norman Osborne, J.D., E.A.

March, 2007
"Wow. I selected a topic outside of my area of expertise and learned as much as sitting in a class for the entire day. Excellent study materials and tests. You really made me work to earn these hours."
J. Pinckney

March, 2007
"Excellent course as this is the first Gleim online course I have taken in my package. Good job. Thank you, very good course overall. Gleim is the best at training!"
Joseph Pittman

March, 2007
"Excellent CPE. Nice review of materials!"
Russell Wass

March, 2007
"The study program was a very complete overview of the conceptual framework underlying Financial Accounting. A good review!"
Lisa Cangro

March, 2007
"Excellent course and fair. Presented all material in an interesting manner."
Sally Cox

March, 2007
"This is a Great course. An Excellent review of Procedures and Tax Preparers Responsibilities."
Denene Merrill

February, 2007
"Excellent course structure allowing for flexibility in completing."
Kevin Jordan

January, 2004
Out of all the programs I've researched, Gleim is by far the best. I was able to pass each part of the CMA exam on the first shot by investing about 4 weeks of study per part using a combination of the Gleim CMA review books and the software review package. I am now also finding that the CPE courses are equally as effective in maintaining my CMA in addition to maintaining my accounting and finance skills needed to excel in my career.

Thanks Gleim!

Anthony Pappas, CMA

January, 2004
Another fine study opportunity from Dr. Gleim. I have used Gleim materials for my CFI-I and have also taught CPA review courses using Gleim reference materials.

Thanks for the concise explanations.

Bobby Brown, CPA

December, 2003
Gleim's is a great review course that will help me stay current with the latest financial reporting developments. This is the most convenient way to study on my own time. The Gleim package price also makes my limited CPE budget stretch a lot further.
Gary Lindsey

November, 2003
The Online CPE course still maintains the quality Gleim learning process that I have been using for 26 years. I needed a course at a reasonable cost in an interactive format.
James Slocum

April, 2003
"The review material provided a solid refresher of the important concepts in microeconomics."
Steven Hansen

March, 2003
"CIA Part 1: Control is very good, and I will definitely work with Gleim again!"
Bushra Kamal

February, 2003
"This course was a great tax refresher. The diagnostic exam and study questions really enforced absorption of the material."
Judy Brockman, CPA

January, 2003
"Excellent refresher course. The 3 step approach is a very effective method of knowledge transfer and the course content provides challenge to all levels of tax practitioners."
Leon Moore

January, 2003
"Program provided meaningful update on the subject area. The questions were challenging and met my objective of CPE in a timely manner using current interactive technology. The three step process (T or F primer; multiple choice quiz; and multiple choice final exam) was very effective in maximizing the learning curve."
Leon Moore

January, 2003
"Excellent course. Questions are challenging and require some real thought as is the case with most aspects of the tax law. The course clearly provides as an update in this subject, and I highly recommend it to those seeking a great CPE course."

January, 2003
"Good, challenging course. I developed some worksheets I plan to use in audits from the information provided."

December, 2002
"This course is excellent! The content will truly be of benefit to the audit department where I am currently working. I think that the company can truly benefit from this course content by using this to help drive audit workpaper standardization and even to help develop internal audit workpaper documentation policies/procedures for driving standardization across the staff. Thanks for a great and useful course!"
Margie Humphrey