Justin Swalberg

A.J. Hans Spoel Award - Silver Medal Winner

Justin Swalberg

Michigan, USA

The Gleim CIA review is the perfect CIA preparation program for working professionals. Its bite-sized lessons allowed me to conveniently fit in study time whenever I had a spare moment. The lesson materials did a great job of thoroughly explaining all the internal audit concepts. The layout of Gleim’s practice exam sessions was identical to the actual exam experience, including font, color, instructions, the calculator, and navigation buttons. Consequently on exam day I felt very comfortable as I moved through the exam questions.

The Gleim team does an excellent job of teaching the concepts that will be on the exam without including unnecessary content. I found it very helpful that Gleim’s practice tests not only explained the correct answer, but also why the other answer choices were wrong. On the CIA exams, I frequently found myself being able to easily eliminate two of the four answer choices. The difference between the remaining two answer choices was usually quite subtle. Because Gleim had prepared me to not only identify the correct answer but also to identify the wrong answers, I was able to achieve great success on the exams.

I would not have been able to win the A.J. Hans Spoel Silver Medal Award without the help of Gleim. I highly recommend the Gleim CIA review package for your CIA exam preparation.