Paul Vincent Alducente, CMA, PMP

Certificate of Distinguished Performance Winner

Paul Vincent Alducente, CMA, PMP

United Arab Emirates

I have been working for the last 8 years and decided that it is time to give myself an upgrade in terms of my qualification. CMA was one of the qualifications and chose to pursue. I have a very limited time for studying due to my job, I find going to review classes quite difficult to achieves and costly at the same time so I started looking for a self-study material that is brief but concise and should contain everything I needed to understand in order to pass the exam. After reviewing other materials, I have found Gleim Online Review and it was just everything I needed. The Course outline materials were perfect, as each topic were covered extensively but in a much lesser texts than those of textbooks. The question banks gave me an exposure of what to expect on the exam and it did give quite a similar experience that once taking the exam, it just felt as if I was just doing the question banks in Gleim online.

The essay part of the exam was something quite new to me and the Gleim online had gave me an insight as to what examiners normally look into the answers and what format should work..

Gleim gave me the confidence and equipped me fully in order to not only pass the exam on first attempt but also got me one of the highest scores in the exam.