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Professors say...
I was tutoring an Education major who is getting a minor in business in Managerial Accounting. At the beginning of the semester he was sure he would fail. With the help of the Gleim Exam Questions and Explanations: ... [cont.]

David O'Bryan, Ph.D., CPA, CMA, CFE, Pittsburg State University
I've been very impressed with the Gleim products. Years ago I used Gleim to prepare for the CPA exam. I spent quite a bit of time yesterday showing students the wonderful Gleim online resources. They were very impressed. I am looking forward to using ... [cont.]

Ethan Kinory, CPA
The Gleim materials are excellent, to say the least. I relied on all facets of your product offerings in preparing for the Exams, including the new video clips, as well as audio and printed materials.

Brian Gilligan, CMA, SHRM-CP , Accounting Instructor, Morton College, Cicero, IL
Since passing each section of the CPA on the first try, I have to say that the Gleim test preparation was harder than the "real" exam. After passing the Gleim practice exams, the NASBA exam was not difficult. ... [cont.]

Dr. J William Stinde, PhD, CFM, CMA, EA, CPA
The condensed outline format is thorough without going into unnecessary details. It covers almost every question that is on the test. Also, Gleim's practice questions are usually examples of the hardest questions, so they prepare you for the worst case ... [cont.]

Laura Moore, CMA, CPA
As my signature now reflects, I am a licensed CPA thanks to Gleim. One of the primary advantages of using Gleim is that, by the time I actually sat for the exams, I was not nervous because I had grown accustomed to the screens and the countdown timer. ... [cont.]

Rob Hochschild, CPA
I just finished setting up some new professor-led classes. I must tell you that Gleim's professor-led classes are the best. Most other CPA review courses make it very difficult for a professor to create exams and manage courses.

Craig Latshaw, St. John's University
The Gleim system works! I passed REG with a score of 86. I followed the system as outlined and it worked. Gleim's review questions were rigorous enough and I was more than prepared to pass the REG section. I did ... [cont.]

Clarissa D. Wilkerson, Northern Virginia Community College (Loudoun Campus)
I passed the CMA exam and want to thank you and the Gleim team for providing such great study materials.

Norbert Tschakert, Ph.D., CPA, CMA, CIA, CFE, CFF, CITP, Salem State University
I've found using the Gleim materials has helped the overall performance of students on exams.

Professor Allen Blay, Florida State University
I want to thank Gleim for the very concise but comprehensive CMA Exam Review. I passed both parts of the CMA exam the first time! Everyone I worked with at Gleim to get my materials was very pleasant and helpful. ... [cont.]

Leslie Vaughan, CPA, CMA, University of the Pacific
Thanks to the Gleim CMA Review System, I was able to pass both parts of the exam in less than 5 months. I really think Gleim provides excellent review for CMA candidates.

Jack Wu, CMA, Instructor at Chemeketa Community College
I passed the CIA exam - all parts, first time I took them. Thanks to Gleim's EXCELLENT review materials!!!

Sarah Bee- MBA, CIA. Senior Lecturer, Seattle University
We are very happy to use the Assessment Quiz for another semester. It has been a critical component of our aggressive CPA exam initiative here.

Mark M. Ulrich, CPA, Director, Center for Accounting Research and Technology, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Accounting and Taxation, St. John's University
I have only positive things to say about your CMA study package. I followed the system and felt very well-prepared. I will definitely recommend to students considering the CMA -- what could be a better endorsement ... [cont.]

David Mona, CMA, Associate Professor of Accounting at Champlain College
I just passed the CIA Exam with Gleim and wanted to say thank you for your support, and the study materials which I found very valuable.

Norbert Tschakert, Ph.D., CPA, CFE, CFF, CITP, Salem State University
I passed! Scaled score of 410 on part 2. Thank you so much for all your help. I could not have done it without Gleim's study materials. They helped me brush up on the parts of the material that I was unfamiliar ... [cont.]

Edward R. Walker, PhD, CPA, CMA
I began studying for my Part 1 exam (scheduled June 1st) in early May and for the Part 2 exam (scheduled June 29th) in early June and thankfully I passed both parts in one testing window. The Gleim materials truly ... [cont.]

Jill Halverson, CMA, Assistant Professor of Business
"Thank you for 30+ years of fabulous support. Irv and his materials are THE BEST!"

Professor C.J. Skender, CPA, CMA, CIA, CFM, UNC at Chapel Hill
I think these materials are exemplary. The solutions to the exercises and multiple choice are clear and non-ambiguous. The topical discussion is very clear and concise. I have adapted certain items from the topics ... [cont.]

John G. Ahmad, CPA, Northern Virginia Community College - Annandale
The Exam Questions and Explanations(EQE) software you sent me is great. The questions have actually taught me a lot. In the very first chapter I modified my notes to cover two new topics based on things I learned ... [cont.]

Dr. James Myers, Professor, University of Arkansas
Thank you for all your support and help. I passed the third part of the EA exam today. Your Gleim materials really do work well and even more important, you made me feel that you cared whether or not I succeeded.

LoAnn Nelson, PhD, CPA Accounting Instructor Lake Region State
I was exempt from Part 4 as I am a CPA, but took the other three parts this weekend and passed them. I wanted to thank you for the use of the Gleim CIA materials as they were a big help and very representative of the exam contents.

Joe Seltz, University of Houston
Gleim works and I'm pleased to recommend it to our students.

Dr. Bruce Runyan, Western Carolina University
I couldn't have been happier with the Gleim system. The people at Gleim are exceptionally organized and knowledgeable. Gleim really wants you to succeed! Without Gleim there is no way I would have passed both parts ... [cont.]

Michael McWherter, CPA,CMA,CFE
Thank you so much for the fast turnaround and the materials. My students will greatly benefit from them. You are a great organization to work with.

David Dahlberg, CPA, Associate Professor at St. Catherine University
I just used the Gleim site [Professor-Led online community] and I was reminded of what a model of good design it is. On other sites where there are so many options, the students rarely get the same user experience ... [cont.]

Dr. Dennis Elam, Texas A&M University-San Antonio
The Gleim CIA Review materials are excellent. Not only do I recommend them to my students, but I used them myself when I studied for the CIA exam. As a result, I was able to pass the CIA exam on the first attempt ... [cont.]

Professor Ed Etter, Ph.D., CPA, CIA, CFE, Associate Professor of Accounting, Eastern Michigan University.
I just want to let you know how much I appreciate the Gleim study materials. When I accepted my current teaching position, I was asked to obtain my CPA license. I decided to try using the Gleim study materials to ... [cont.]

Dr. Anita Morgan, CPA, DBA, Assistant Professor at Indiana University East
I think your material is excellent and I recommend it in my undergraduate and graduate auditing classes as a reasonably priced review for the Exam.

Prof. Stan Lindquist, CPA, PhD, MA, BA, Grand Valley State University
I used Gleim in 1996 and was a Gold Key award winner in Kansas. Not bragging for me, but for Gleim. Your product was the reason I was able to do so well.

David O'Bryan, Ph.D., CPA, CFE, CMA; Pittsburg State University
I think the students' use of FAME is a timely, superior form of remediation as they prepare to embark upon their journey into Intermediate Accounting. The FAME product is comprehensive and well prepared with students' ... [cont.]

John Berzett, CPA, CMA, Athens State University

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