CPA Exam Advice
why become a cpa
If you’ve decided to pursue a career in accounting, you’ve probably heard about the CPA. The CPA credential is one of the most well known in the industry, and your accounting professor or manager may have already encouraged you to attain the CPA license. Maybe you’re interested in following his or her advice, but you’re...
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benefits of networking in college
By Dakota Luttrell A commonly under-valued portion of the collegiate experience is the opportunity to build and establish a network for yourself. You may build and mold this network to fulfill your needs. Whether you wish to create a large network with ample career opportunities for yourself or to establish a healthy social network of...
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writing a cpa candidate resume
If you’re looking for work while pursuing the CPA license, you can use your licensure progress to your advantage as a job applicant. No matter where you are in the process, it’s important to demonstrate to future employers that you’re committed to earning the CPA. You’re doing it so you can get a better job,...
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CPA Self Study
So you’ve decided to take the CPA Exam. Now, how do you plan to prepare for it? To give yourself the best chance at passing the CPA Exam on the first try, you should use CPA review. However, when it comes to exam prep, you have options: live review courses or CPA self-study materials. A...
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Studying with CPA Lectures
Wouldn’t it be great if studying for the CPA Exam was as easy as watching TV? With CPA lectures on video, it is. There are many advantages to studying for the CPA Exam with video lectures, and they’re useful for various review circumstances. Learn why CPA lectures are a study essential and discover the best...
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Where to find a CPA Mentor
As an accountant and future CPA, you have a lot of CPA career options ahead of you. How will you pick the right one, set goals for the future, maximize your opportunities, and navigate the path to prosperity? Well, there are several ways to define and enhance your career (like passing the CPA Exam), and...
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How to become a better CPA test-taker
As a CPA candidate, you know that taking the CPA Exam requires you to learn about the exam and study its content. These actions will prepare you at a basic level, but you can gain an extra advantage over the exam by improving your test-taking abilities as well. After all, the CPA Exam is a...
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Overcoming failing a CPA exam section
You stayed up almost all night for the CPA Exam score release, anxiously awaiting the appearance of two numbers that would indicate how much longer the exam process might last for you. When your score finally arrived, it was lower than you had hoped, and your heart sank with it. You didn’t pass that section...
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CPA Exam Schedule
Once you decide to take the CPA Exam in order to experience the benefits of becoming a CPA, you must make a few more decisions before you can achieve CPA Exam success. First, you must choose to which CPA state board of accountancy you will apply. Then, you must determine the order in which you...
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Exam-emulating cpa review
When you enter the Prometric testing center to take the CPA Exam, there is one emotion you’ll want to feel above all else: confidence. When you feel confident, you can do your best, and when you do your best, you can pass each CPA Exam section the first time you sit. The key ingredients for...
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