CPA Exam Study Tips
cpa score
Have you taken a section of the CPA Exam yet? If so, you’ve started to develop your history with the exam. Depending on how you felt when you left Prometric or when you received your CPA score, you may prefer to not repeat that history. Maybe you failed. Maybe you barely passed. Maybe you were...
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cpa exam study
Studying for the CPA Exam is a long process. If you pass every section the first time, it can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months to complete the entire exam. When you’re making that much of a time investment, you’ll want to maximize every minute of your preparations. To keep yourself from wasting the...
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cpa exam tips and tricks
Let’s be honest. Studying for and taking the CPA Exam is a taxing process both mentally and physically. The CPA Exam is difficult because of its complex structure, the breadth of topics it covers, and the amount of time needed to pass it. You should brace yourself for a real challenge, but you shouldn’t make...
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cpa exam during busy season
As an accounting professional, you know what busy season is and why it’s called busy season. You also know that passing the CPA Exam so you can become a CPA is a crucial career move that you may not be able to put on hold until busy season ends, especially in light of the 18-month...
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Tips for CPA BEC written communication section
To assess the professional competencies of CPA candidates, the CPA Exam includes many challenging case study simulations that very closely resemble real-life scenarios. On the BEC CPA Exam section, some of these simulations take the form of a writing skills exercise requiring candidates to write a memo or a letter in response to a hypothetical...
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Study tips for the CPA exam task-based simulations
Task-Based Simulations (TBSs) are a significant part of the CPA Exam, as evidenced by the scoring weight assigned to this question type. AUD, FAR, and REG each contain 8 TBSs that are worth 50% of the section score, while BEC features 4 TBSs and 3 Written Communications (WCs) that combine to contribute 60% of the...
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Enjoy summer while studying for the CPA exam
The sunshine, warmth, fresh air, and free time – there’s lots to love about summer! You don’t have to miss out on any of it just because you’re studying for the CPA Exam. When you choose CPA review with a variety of study materials, you can prepare for the exam while enjoying the wonders of...
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What CPA task-based simulations are
The CPA Exam consists of three question types: multiple choice (MCQ), Task-Based Simulation (TBS), and Written Communication (WC). AUD, FAR, and REG have 8 TBSs, while BEC has 4 TBSs and 3 WCs. To properly prepare for the CPA Exam, you will need to know these exam staples inside and out, so start by learning...
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Studying as a parent for the CPA exam
Being a parent doesn’t mean you can’t become a CPA. You know that the advantages of becoming a CPA include increased salary and job security, which benefit both you and your children. Becoming a CPA also involves making sacrifices, as you’ll have less time to spend with your kids when you’re preparing for the CPA...
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tips for answering CPA MCQs
There are pros and cons to the fact that multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are a standard part of the CPA Exam. The positive side is that most candidates have encountered multiple-choice questions before in life. The negative side is that candidates may undervalue the importance of studying for CPA multiple-choice questions properly. In order to master...
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