CPA Exam Tips
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Have you taken a section of the CPA Exam yet? If so, you’ve started to develop your history with the exam. Depending on how you felt when you left Prometric or when you received your CPA score, you may prefer to not repeat that history. Maybe you failed. Maybe you barely passed. Maybe you were...
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cpa exam tips and tricks
Let’s be honest. Studying for and taking the CPA Exam is a taxing process both mentally and physically. The CPA Exam is difficult because of its complex structure, the breadth of topics it covers, and the amount of time needed to pass it. You should brace yourself for a real challenge, but you shouldn’t make...
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DRS Answering Techniques
The Document Review Simulation (DRS) has not been around for very long, but this type of Task-Based Simulation (TBS) already has a reputation for being a tricky CPA Exam question. You may encounter a DRS within the TBS testlets of any CPA Exam section, so you must continue preparing for them until you pass. Within...
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strategies to taking (cpa) BEC written communication questions
The least common type of question on the CPA Exam is the Written Communication Task (WCs). WCs aren’t seen much because they only appear in the BEC CPA Exam section. However, WCs contribute 15% of your BEC score, so you shouldn’t blow them off. Instead, you should learn about WCs and apply these CPA BEC...
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how to pass the cpa exam the first time
The CPA Exam is a long and involved test, and preparing for it can suck up a lot of your free time. If you pass each section the first time you sit for it, completing the entire exam can take as long as a year. Not passing a section could add months to the process,...
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Studying for CPA exam during the holidays
The holiday season is one of the best times of the year, but it is also a time that tempts us with distractions from studying for the CPA Exam. If you’ve got a testing appointment scheduled for a few weeks or a month from now, then you can’t afford to take a few days (and...
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CPA DRS Testing Tips
As the newest type of Task-Based Simulations (TBSs), there is still a bit of mystery surrounding CPA Exam Document Review Simulations (DRSs). On three of the four CPA Exam sections, TBSs comprise 50% of your exam score, and DRSs are some of the most complex TBSs on the exam. Therefore, a lack of information about...
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How many CPA questions do I need to study?
The CPA Exam is a long and trying test that features many unique and challenging questions. As practice testing is one of the most effective ways to prepare for such an exam, your CPA exam prep should include plenty of practice questions for you to answer. But how many CPA test questions do you really...
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CPA AUD Exam Tips
While the AUD CPA Exam section contains similarities to the FAR CPA Exam section in its content, structure, and format, successfully passing AUD requires a tailored approach. As Auditing and Attestation specifically covers the audit process, this CPA Exam section will test candidates’ knowledge of certain auditing concepts and their ability to apply that knowledge...
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Answering techniques for the CPA multiple choice questions
While you’re studying the subject matter tested on the CPA Exam, you should also be developing effective test-taking strategies and procedures. To maximize your scoring potential for the MCQs in each CPA Exam section, apply the following suggestions. CPA Exam MCQ Strategy Budget your time so you can finish before time expires. Spend about 1.25...
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