§ 1540.209 – Fees for security threat assessment.

[74 FR 47700, Sept. 16, 2009, as amended at 76 FR 51867, Aug. 18, 2011]

This section describes the payment process for completion of the security threat assessments required under this subpart.

(a) Fees for security threat assessment.

(1) TSA routinely establishes and collects fees to conduct the security threat assessment process. These fees apply to all entities requesting a security threat assessment. TSA reviews the amount of the fee periodically, at least once every two years, to determine the current cost of conducting security threat assessments. TSA determines fee amounts and any necessary revisions to the fee amounts based on current costs, using a method of analysis consistent with widely accepted accounting principles and practices, and calculated in accordance with the provisions of 31 U.S.C. 9701 and other applicable Federal law.

(2) TSA will publish fee amounts and any revisions to the fee amounts as a notice in the Federal Register.

(b) [Reserved]

(c) Remittance of fees.

(1) The fees required under this subpart must be remitted to TSA in a form and manner acceptable to TSA each time the applicant or an aircraft operator, foreign air carrier, indirect air carrier, or certified cargo screening facility submits the information required under § 1540.203 or § 1540.207 to TSA.

(2) Fees remitted to TSA under this subpart must be payable to the “Transportation Security Administration” in U.S. currency and drawn on a U.S. bank.

(3) TSA will not issue any fee refunds, unless a fee was paid in error.