Instrument Pilot Audio Demo

Below is the sample audio review from the Gleim Instrument Pilot Knowledge Test Audio Review Series.

Track 1: The Gleim Instrument Pilot Knowledge Test Audio Review Series
This download includes an introduction on how to earn your Instrument Pilot certificate with Gleim and then outlines the major concepts regarding airplane instruments. It contains the entire Study Unit 1 audio review.

The Gleim Instrument Pilot Audio Review contains, on average, 30 to 35-minute overviews of each study unit. Listen to these overviews while riding in a car or airplane, exercising, etc. These audios cover the topics that will appear on your pilot knowledge test. After discussion of a tested concept, the audio states "For the FAA test ..." followed by the key facts to remember when answering a question on that topic. Thus, when you practice answering questions AND when you take your test, you will know the correct answers.

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