Safe Pilot Course
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The Gleim Safe Pilot Course (SPC) is a recurrent ground training course designed to increase pilots' knowledge and abilities in regard to operating safely in the National Airspace System. SPC covers various recent aircraft accidents and highlights the causes of and lessons to be learned from these accidents. Additionally, SPC offers practical guidance on creating an emergency action plan.
  • 13 study units detailing safe practices during all phases of flight
  • 5-10 minute audiovisual presentations
  • 4-7 pages of knowledge transfer outlines
  • 10-question multiple-choice quiz
  • 12 months of access
May, 2013
I would like to take this opportunity to say your online ground school was the best preparation for the FAA test I have seen on the market. I liked all the repetition, the study mode, and stage tests, and the large question database (other products have a much more limited database). I also purchased a hardcopy of your Sport Pilot Maneuvers and I think the combination of the two is the best organized, most comprehensive, and well thought out reference I have seen. At first, I loved all the DVD’s out there and shunned the "plainness" of the Gleim resources, but now I really appreciate that simplicity! You get right down to business in the most efficient way possible. I have learned that I can really trust that Gleim has got all the regs and knowledge covered!
- TC

September, 2012
This was an excellent course. I received my private pilot license a year ago and going through this was a great refresher. I have added several items from the course learning's (e.g. I'MSAFE & PAVE) to my personal pre-flight checklist which I feel has raised my overall awareness and confidence. Definitely a benefit to go - no go decisions about when I go flying. I would recommend this to any private pilot wanting hone their skills around the go - no go decision.
- Pete Fettig

October, 2010
The awareness of what could/can go wrong, even with today's technology, really gives a greater appreciation for the accomplishments of pilots in the early days. An excellent and very thought provoking course. Very well worth the time spent in study.
- Larry Rogers

November, 2009
Good refresher. Keeps it to the topic -- Aids too as a reminder to keep it simple, be alert/aware and above all be safe.
- Daniel Kropas

October, 2009
Great course, it encourages further study of the material presented in the study units, and serves as a very effective review of safety practices. Enjoyed the course, felt it was very beneficial as a review of aviation safety subjects. Will certainly recommend this course to pilot friends.
- Robert Freely

August, 2009
An excellent review which will allow me to present this information in a manner that a student will absorb more easily.
- Rock Rockcastle, CFII/MEI - - National Flight Instructor of the Year (1989) and NAFI Master CFI

May, 2009
I've been a pilot since 1992, and I still learned new things from your course, as well as brushing off cobwebs from some things I knew but hadn't thought about for a while. Thanks for your responses to my comments. It's so rare to get personal answers and responses these days that I was very, although pleasantly, surprised!
- Anonymous

Key facts about SPC

  • Structured, interactive, self-study review and certificate program delivered online via the Internet
    Use the Safe Pilot Course to prepare yourself for flying as a safer, more aware pilot. This course uses the Gleim proven Knowledge Transfer System methods.
  • Takes about 6-7 hours to complete
    Each of the 13 study units should take about half an hour. That includes the True-False Study Quiz, Audiovisual Presentation, Knowledge Transfer Outline, and Multiple-Choice Test for that study unit.
  • Challenges you, but provides you with the knowledge to pass
    Our Knowledge Transfer Outlines give you all the review material you need, in a well-organized format, so you can focus your study on the areas you need to review the most. You can then confidently fly as a safer, more informed pilot. SPC provides you with convenience while helping you learn more and refresh your knowledge.
  • Inexpensive and user friendly
    For those who are less familiar with computers, we have a trained, friendly support staff you can contact for help. E-mail us at or call us at (800) 874-5346 for assistance.

The Gleim Safe Pilot Course is an effective, easy-to-use, and intuitively appealing way to refresh and expand your knowledge of aviation safety. Begin now by trying the FREE course overview!

Course Elements

Each study unit contains an outlined reference guide as explained below.
  • 10 thought-provoking true/false study questions
  • 5-10 minute optional audiovisual presentation
  • 4-7 pages of knowledge transfer outline
  • A 10-question multiple-choice quiz
To complete a study unit, you must:
  • Answer 10 thought-provoking true/false study questions.
    You will receive answer explanations that indicate why you answered the questions correctly or incorrectly. The true/false study questions are intended to help you to begin thinking about and studying the subject matter of the study unit. They also allow you to evaluate how much you already know about the concepts. Your performance on this section does not affect whether you pass the study unit or complete the course.
  • Print and study the knowledge transfer outline for the study unit.
    The outlines are divided into sections called "subunits" to make studying them easier. You can use the print function on your browser to print the outline by clicking "Print" under the "File" Menu. Use your printout of the knowledge transfer outlines for future reference. When you have finished studying the outlines, you will be ready to take the multiple-choice quiz.
  • Pass the multiple-choice quiz with a score of 70% or better.
    You will be presented with 10 multiple-choice questions based on the material you covered in the outline section of the study unit. You may move back and forth between questions and change your answers, but once you choose to grade the quiz, you will not be allowed to return to the questions. When you have answered each of the 10 multiple-choice questions to your satisfaction, click the "Grade" button at the bottom of the screen below the last question. Once you obtain a passing score, a review session will provide you with answer explanations for any multiple-choice questions that you answered incorrectly.

Frequently Asked Questions about SPC

  • Can I take the study units in any order?
    Yes, but once you start a study unit, you have to complete that study unit before continuing.
  • Can I skip the true/false part since the score doesn't count?
    No. SPC is set up so that you have to take the true/false questions. The true/false questions are there to help you pass by focusing on areas you need to improve.
  • What happens if I fail a quiz?
    Failing a test twice in a row causes you to be locked out. You must then contact Gleim for further directions.
  • What happens if I have computer problems and am unable to complete the course?
    The computer requirements for taking this course are minimal and can be done at just about any computer with Internet access. If anything goes wrong, you can email us at or call (800) 874-5346 for help.
  • What requirements do I need to satisfy in order to pass the course?
    Each of the 13 study units ends with a 10-question multiple choice quiz. You must pass each of the end-of-study-unit multiple-choice quizzes with a score of 70% or better. Print your completion certificate, and you're done with the course.
  • What if I have a question or need to speak to someone?
    We're available at or (800) 874-5346. You can give us feedback about your experience with the course or ask questions if you like. We want you to enjoy the course, learn some things that maybe you didn't already know, and operate as a safer, more alert and aware pilot.


Access to the Safe Pilot Course will expire 12 months from the date of purchase. If you have not completed the course and you need access after the expiration date, you may purchase a 12 month extension at half the current purchase price. You will have 30 days to purchase an extension.


A full refund is available if you have accessed no more than two lessons within 30 days of purchase.

SPC Study Unit Plan

  1. Safe Flight: Our First Priority
  2. Midair Collisions
  3. Wake Turbulence
  4. Structural Failure
  5. Low Level Stalls and Spins
  6. Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT)
  7. Visual Flight Rules (VFR) into Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC)
  8. Runway Incursion
  9. Engine Failure
  10. Landing Accidents
  11. Taxiing Accidents
  12. Safe Decision Making
  13. What to do When Something Happens

Getting started with the Gleim Safe Pilot Course

Make sure that your computer meets our minimum system requirements, then click the "Create Account" button below to get started with the Gleim Safe Pilot Course by trying the FREE Course Overview.

How to Get Wings Credit for This Course

Gleim uploads Wings course completion credit every week for current course users. If you have completed this course but have not received Wings credit, follow the instructions below to ensure you are credited for your work.
  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your FAASafety email address and password.
    • If you have not created an account with FAASafety, you will need to do that first.
  3. Under the "Activities, Courses, & Seminars" tab at the top of the page, click "Activities."
  4. Type "Gleim" into the "Keywords" box and click "Search."
  5. Find the appropriate course title in the resulting list and click on the title of that course.
  6. Click the "Request Credit" button.
  7. Enter the date on your completion/graduation certificate into the "Date Completed" box.
  8. In the "Select Validator" section, click the "Email" tab.
  9. Type "" into the field and click the "Select" button.
  10. Click "Submit for Validation."
An email notification will be sent to Gleim. We will review your course records and either validate your credit or reply explaining why we are unable to do so (for example, the course completion date is incorrect). Either way, you will receive an email reply from FAASafety once our action has been submitted. If you have any questions or difficulties with this process, please email

This course counts towards Avemco's Safety Rewards Program. Click here for more details.

November, 2009
Good refresher. Keeps it to the topic -- Aids too as a reminder to keep...
- Daniel Kropas
September, 2012
This was an excellent course. I received my private pilot license a year...
- Pete Fettig
October, 2009
Great course, it encourages further study of the material presented in the...
- Robert Freely
May, 2009
I've been a pilot since 1992, and I still learned new things from your course,...
- Anonymous
October, 2010
The awareness of what could/can go wrong, even with today's technology, really...
- Larry Rogers
May, 2013
I would like to take this opportunity to say your online ground school was...
- TC
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