The Benefits of Becoming a CIA

group of business people smiling because they understand the benefits of becoming a CIA

Does becoming a CIA sufficiently reward the effort of earning the CIA designation? The best way to be sure is to get the facts, and the facts about the CIA designation reveal that becoming a CIA offers educational, professional, and personal benefits.

Educational Benefits of Becoming a CIA
Achieving the CIA designation expands the scope of your internal audit knowledge and skills. As you study for the CIA exam, you come to understand the profession at a deeper level, and when you pass the exam, you solidify your status as an internal auditing expert. Your enhanced understanding improves your professional performance, and consequently, your confidence and competence escalate as well.

Professional Benefits of Becoming a CIA
The CIA designation is exclusive and therefore an attractive feature on your resumé. As you demonstrate your commitment to professional development by becoming a CIA, you create a direct path to vocational advancement. You also gain the tools and experience you need to break ground in a variety of organizational or business environments.

Personal Benefits of Becoming a CIA
When planted firmly behind your name throughout your career, the letters “CIA” will always present a convincing case for credibility and respect. These letters will also pull their weight by making you more money, as a recent study from the IIA confirms that “the median salary of auditors who hold their CIA designation is as much as 40% higher than peers without the credential.”

The Benefits of Becoming a CIA with Gleim
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