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CMA Exam Remote Testing | Complete Guide

CMA Exam Remote Testing Tips

In January 2022, ICMA announced Opens in new window a remote testing option for the Certified Management Accountant exam. Use our tips to make sure you’re prepared to take the CMA exam online. Plus, keep reading to learn how CMA exam remote testing affects you–whether you’re currently studying or just getting started.

Prepare for CMA Exam Remote Testing with Our 5 Tips

1. Find out if you’re a good candidate for a CMA exam remote testing appointment

We read Prometric’s ProUser Guide Opens in new window and highlighted what you should consider before deciding to test remotely.

One of the goals of CMA remote testing is to give you added flexibility. You should take into account your personal test-taking style, focus needs, and your proximity to a Prometric testing center before deciding.

Answer these questions to help you decide if sitting for the CMA exam remotely would be best for you.

  • Are you able to focus at home?
  • Do you have an adequate at-home testing space?
  • Would traveling to your testing center on exam day be an added stress?
  • Is there a convenient in-person testing location and appointment time available?

2. Ensure your testing environment meets the requirements

There are a lot of testing environment rules to consider. ICMA recommends testing from home on your personal computer. You shouldn’t test at work or use a work computer because it may have firewalls and settings that could cause issues with your exam. You’ll need to choose a testing location ahead of time that will meet Prometric’s requirements.

Make sure your testing environment is:

  • Indoors, with the entrance to the room in view of the camera
  • Well-lit and free of materials at your workstation and surrounding walls
  • Quiet and disruption-free

There are important “don’ts” to keep in mind. During testing, you can’t:

  • Have food, drinks, bags, notebooks, or electronic devices accessible
  • Eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum
  • Change location, turn off lighting or audio, or speak to another individual

You must notify the proctor if you wish to take an optional 10-minute break during your exam. Be sure to return on time though, or your exam will be terminated.

Make sure other members of your household know not to disturb you during your online CMA exam. We recommend locking the door to your exam room and putting a note on it reminding other members of your household to not come in or disturb you with excessive noise.

The last thing you need is to have internet issues on exam day. Check ahead of time to make sure you have a stable connection. You can also try to test in a room where your Wi-Fi is strongest. Ask other household members to not use up bandwidth by streaming or using social media during your test to help make sure your internet connection doesn’t get disrupted.

3. Run a system readiness check

Prometric’s system readiness check Opens in new window will verify that your system can run the ProProctor application that allows you to take the remotely-proctored CMA exam.

It’ll check your system’s screen resolution, operating system, microphone, and webcam. Plus, it’ll confirm you have fast enough download and upload speeds. The check should only take a few minutes, and any issues will be flagged. Then, it’ll give you suggestions to help resolve the issues and ensure your system is ready.

Handle any flagged items ahead of time to help reduce the risk of running into technical problems on your exam day.

4. Download ProProctor ahead of time

It can feel like everything takes longer to download when you’re in a rush. To make sure you don’t hit any snags, go ahead and download Prometric’s ProProctor application Opens in new window before your exam day. That way it’ll be ready to go for when you need to run the application (30 minutes before your exam starts).

You’ll need to input your appointment confirmation number and surname to be able to download the ProProctor application. When you’re ready to schedule, we’ve got what you need to know about scheduling a remote testing appointment for the CMA exam.

5. Familiarize yourself with the check-in process

On exam day, you’ll need to allow for 15 minutes to check in and have your testing environment inspected. Be familiar with all of the rules so that this process goes as smoothly as possible. This includes knowing what your Prometric Readiness Agent will be checking for.

Using your webcam, you’ll:

  • Confirm your identity by capturing images of your face and your government-issued ID.
  • Do an environment scan to show a 360º view of your testing environment and work station.
  • Complete a security check to show your sleeves, pockets, glasses, and behind your ears.

Your agent will confirm that your information matches what you provided and check for any prohibited materials like Bluetooth or recording devices. You should put your phone in a nearby room outside of the testing area. You probably haven’t had the ringer sound on since 2010, but double check that it’s off before you put it away so you don’t have any disruptions during your test.

After check-in is complete, you’ll be able to begin your online CMA exam. Your Prometric Proctor will monitor you the entire time through both audio and video. You’ll be able to send chat messages to communicate as needed during your test.

So, What Does CMA Exam Online Testing Mean for You?

Remote testing isn’t replacing in-person testing, but it’s bound to be a popular additional option for many current and future CMA candidates.

CMA exam remote proctoring is now open to candidates globally. Remote testing is available everywhere except North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba, and the Crimea part of Ukraine. In China, remote proctoring is only available for the English language CMA exam.

Taking the exam remotely won’t affect your score or how you get your results. 

Whether you’ve already taken an exam part, are currently studying, or are about to get started, CMA remote testing is something for you to consider. Here are our candidates’ most frequently asked questions about CMA exam remote testing:

What if I already have an in-person exam appointment?

If you’ve already scheduled your appointment at a Prometric testing center but would prefer to test remotely, don’t worry—you can change it. You’ll need to cancel your existing appointment and then schedule a remotely-proctored CMA exam appointment on Prometric’s website. Opens in new window Remote testing is available 24/7, and you should be able to select a date and time that works best for you.

What do I do if I have technical issues during my exam?

If you run into technical issues during your exam, like losing power or internet connection, you’ll have 20 minutes to reconnect to the test. The paused exam will resume where you left off if you successfully reconnect.

If you’re unable to reconnect in the allotted 20 minutes, you’ll need to reschedule your exam. Head to Prometric’s website Opens in new window, click “Contact Support,” and follow the steps.

You aren’t allowed to have your phone in the testing room with you, but keep it in another room nearby in case you run into technical issues and need to contact Prometric.

What if I’m just getting started?

We’re glad you’ve decided to become a certified management accountant! If you think online testing is a good fit for you, you can plan ahead to take your CMA exam remotely. This means you can practice in your actual testing environment so you’ll feel more comfortable and at ease on exam day.

Before you choose to take the CMA exam remotely, read Prometrics’ ProUser Guide Opens in new window to find out what to expect. The guide covers environment requirements, virtual testing procedures, ProProctor system requirements, and more. Once you’ve read through it, decide if testing online is a good fit for you.

Ready to sit for the CMA exam online?

When you’re ready to start studying, our Premium Review System is designed to help you pass on your first try. With a guided review, exam-emulating Mock Exams, and the best bank of realistic exam day questions, we prepare candidates for every aspect of the CMA exam!

We recommend taking your Mock Exams in the same testing environment that you would be in on your exam day. Use the Mock Exam as a test run for all the requirements that will be necessary on exam day to be sure your environment is a good fit and you’re prepared to test from home.

To learn more about how to prepare for and sit for your CMA exam, download our free CMA Exam Guide.