11/26/04 NTS emailed

When you apply for a Notice to Schedule (NTS) you are given several options for receiving your NTS. One convenient option is e-mail, but that option is not without hazards. See the CPA exam candidate’s comments below:

When I registered to sit for the exam (first-time candidate), I said [that] the chosen method of receiving information (i.e., NTS and any other questions regarding my application) was my work/university email account. I never did receive my NTS via e-mail and eventually called NASBA to discover that my NTS had been sent out 2-3 weeks prior. Apparently, our e-mail server had a firewall [that prevented me from] getting the NTS [e-mail]. This was very frustrating.

Firewalls, junk-mail filters, spam traps and other e-mail filtering services may prevent candidates from receiving their NTS via e-mail. E-mail is a convenient method of receiving your NTS. However, be sure you know exactly how your specific e-mail services function.

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