2016 CPA Exam Pass Rates: Q2

CPA exam pass rates

With the first half of 2016 already behind us, the launch of the 2017 CPA Exam draws ever closer. In all likelihood, the knowledge that the next version of the CPA Exam is looming on the horizon has motivated many future CPAs to hasten their pursuit of the goal of passing in 2016 (there is still time!). Therefore, the recent release of the 2016 Q2 CPA Exam pass rates allows us to discover the results of their efforts. These pass rates will also serve as a useful gauge by which to compare the two exam versions next year when we are experiencing the changes. As these pass rates reveal some surprising CPA Exam trends, let’s explore them now and then review them in the future.

Q2 2016 CPA Exam Pass Rates

The AICPA published the Q2 CPA Exam pass rates for 2016 in the beginning of July.

CPA Exam Pass Rates

Notable information about the Q2 2016 CPA Exam pass rates includes the following:

  • Following the Q2 trend for the last several years, the pass rates for every section were higher in Q2 than in Q1 of this year.
  • Though the 2016 Q2 pass rates did boast improvement over Q1’s pass rates, none of 2016’s Q2 figures were as high as 2015’s Q2 figures.
  • Furthermore, none of the Q2 2016 pass rates surpassed the highest Q2 percentage in the last five years for their respective sections.
  • The AUD pass rate jumped up significantly from Q1 to Q2. The 2016 increase was greater than those of 2012, 2013, and 2014, but not as large as the rise of 2015’s AUD Q2 pass rate.
  • For BEC and FAR, the differences between the Q1 pass rates and the Q2 pass rates were actually the smallest of the last five years. Neither exceeded their highest previous pass rates.
  • REG also produced one of the lowest percentage increases between the two quarters in the last five years. Only 2013 recorded a lower pass rate difference.
  • After peaking at 58.20% in 2014, BEC’s Q2 pass rates seem to be headed down again. The BEC 2015 Q2 pass rate was 57.55%, and the 2016 Q2 pass rate was 56.33%.
  • REG is experiencing a similar decrease, as its Q2 pass rates also peaked in 2014 at 51.69%. These rates have steadily slumped over the last two years.
  • FAR’s Q2 pass rates have wavered since 2012, consistently going up and then back down from year to year.

Hope For 2016 CPA Exam Pass Rates

Though the 2016 Q2 CPA Exam pass rates may be lower than last year’s Q2 pass rates, they are still up from Q1 of 2016. Therefore, they continue to convey the positive trend that CPA candidates perform better on the exam as the year progresses. Pass rates also have a habit of rising in Q3, so even with the appearance of the DRS on AUD, FAR, and REG, candidates still have hope for CPA Exam success in the months ahead.

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