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A Week of New Year’s Resolutions: Day 5


Start These Habits to Supersize Your Skills for the New Year!

Day 5: Learn from Your Mistakes

During our Week of New Year’s Resolutions, Gleim has shared resolutions we can make to improve our lives. However, in order to maintain a healthy perspective on life, we should temper the good intentions of our resolutions with realistic expectations. No matter how noble our motivations, we will continue to make mistakes, so our final resolution is: make it a habit to learn from your mistakes. By developing this habit, we can redeem our failures and put poor choices to good use.

To start learning from your mistakes:

  1. Admit that you made a mistake. Be honest enough to call it like it is.
  2. Reevaluate the situation objectively. Take the emotion out of it in order to think clearly.
  3. Consider different perspectives. Other people may see the mistake as bigger or smaller than you do.
  4. Determine better action for the future. Plan how you will change and then do it.
  5. Forgive yourself and move on. You cannot have a good attitude for the future by having a bad attitude about the past.

On the CPA Exam as in life, there are plenty of opportunities to learn from your mistakes. In fact, learning from your mistakes is the only way to progress through your studies for the exam. Ignoring your weak areas limits your success, so give your weak areas the attention needed to strengthen them. A great way to pinpoint your weak areas is to take practice quizzes. By reviewing the questions you missed on practice quizzes, you can target unfamiliar topics, gradually increase your knowledge, and better prepare for the CPA Exam.

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