Best Practices for CPA Flashcards


cpa flashcards

When made and utilized properly, CPA flashcards can serve as a very convenient resource for absorbing information about CPA Exam topics. To avoid creating flashcards that hinder rather than help your study progress, review the pitfalls of using flashcards. Then, to get the most out of your CPA flashcards, apply these best practices that will help you construct efficient and effective flashcards.

Best Practices for Writing CPA Flashcards

  • Be neat.

When creating CPA flashcards, make sure they are written neatly and consistently in your best handwriting. You want to be able to glance at the cards and read them without any difficulty.

  • Limit information.

Don’t put too much information on one card. Long cards take more time to comprehend, making them ineffective as “flash” cards. Therefore, word your cards so that either side can be a starting point for studying. If you must have a longer answer, help yourself by highlighting the key terms.

  • Add pictures.

Include pictures or graphs on your cards whenever you can. Associating an image to a word is easier for your brain than associating a word to another word or phrase.

  • Don’t repeat.

Only use a particular term or answer once per set of cards. Trying to memorize multiple associations in one set is counterproductive, as you won’t be able to know which card matches which answer.

  • Stay organized.

Organize cards by category. Assign each category a number and put that number in a bottom corner of the card. The cards will then be easier to re-sort later. With Gleim CPA Review, you can organize your flashcards by study unit.

  • Limit the set size.

Limit yourself to only making 50 to 70 CPA flashcards per set. Working with larger groups makes it difficult to retain the information and go through the cards in one sitting.

  • Standardize memorization.

Only consider cards memorized when you can answer them in the morning after a full night of sleep. If you go through your flashcards three times a day and only know the answer to a card on the third try, then there is a good chance that you will have forgotten it by morning.

Best Resource for Enhancing CPA Flashcards

We hope you find this list of best practices for CPA flashcards helpful as you study for the CPA Exam. To interact with more powerful and convenient CPA Exam study materials, demo the Gleim Premium CPA Review Course for free today!