Best use of material

Question: How can I best use all the material that comes with the Gleim CPA Review System? I received my material and it is a bit overwhelming. I don’t know if I will have time to review all of it.

Answer: The Gleim Review System comes with books, Test Prep software, Audio Review, and the Gleim Online to provide mobility and flexibility to your exam preparation, ultimately saving you time.

Our most successful candidates began by using the Gleim Online course. The Gleim Online is the primary tool for the Gleim Review System. As you move through each of the Study Units, make note of the problem areas that you encounter. To complete each of the study units, we recommend viewing the Gleim Suggested Steps. You can also view Step 3 of the Gleim Suggested Steps in this week’s Study Tip of the week.

After you have completed an entire section (all 20 study units), then you should move to the Test Prep software to create customized quizzes for your weak areas that you identified in the Gleim Online course. You may choose tests to show new and different questions that are not found in the books. The books and audios should be incorporated into your studies any time that you are not able to study on the computer. For example, the books may be used when you are on your lunch break and the audios could be used while you are driving to and from work.