CPA Exam Multiple-Choice Questions

Taking the CPA exam multiple choice questions

Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are a major component of the CPA Exam. They contribute 50% of your total CPA Exam score for each section, so one missed MCQ can affect whether you pass or fail. To prepare for such significant exam staples, you should know the following facts about CPA Exam multiple-choice questions.

The Structure of the CPA Exam Multiple-Choice Questions

Multiple-choice questions are extremely common testing devices, and they are also fairly self-explanatory. Multiple-choice questions include a question and several different answer options from which to choose. To complete the MCQs, candidates must read the question stem carefully, then select the best possible answer from the available options.

The multiple-choice questions for each exam section are served to candidates in two different testlets. The MCQs in these testlets consist of operational questions, which are scored, and pretest questions, which are not scored. Although some of the CPA Exam multiple-choice questions will not contribute to your overall score, you will not be able to distinguish between the operational and the pretest questions. Therefore, you should attempt to correctly answer all of the MCQs in every testlet.

As each exam section covers distinct content, the AICPA has delineated the topics the CPA Exam multiple-choice questions may address in the CPA Exam blueprints.

The Number of CPA Exam Multiple-Choice Questions

On the CPA Exam, AUD has 2 testlets of 36 MCQs each for a total of 72 MCQs. BEC has 2 testlets of 31 MCQs each for 62 MCQs total. For FAR, the 2 MCQ testlets contain 33 MCQs each for a total of 66, and for REG, the 2 MCQ testlets present 38 MCQs for a total of 76.

CPA Exam Multiple-Choice Questions

Testlets  2  2  2  2
Total MCQs  72  62  66  76

As previously mentioned, the scoring weight of the MCQs in all sections is 50%. This scoring weight affords exam candidates little room for error on their MCQ performances. Since the purpose of the test is to accurately represent the duties and responsibilities of real CPAs, the CPA Exam is a challenge you can only overcome by doing your best in every aspect, including the MCQs.

A Strategy for CPA Exam Multiple-Choice Questions

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