CPA Exam Process: How to Not Be Overwhelmed

A helping hand to not getting overwhelmed by CPA exam process

Candidate Spotlight: Kaitlyn Cedrone

As the CPA designation will benefit your career in many ways, initiating the CPA Exam process is a very rewarding decision. However, the CPA Exam is a lot to take on, so you may think that feeling overwhelmed during this process is inevitable. In reality, you don’t have to fear because there are steps you can take to avoid being overwhelmed. Gleim CPA candidate Kaitlyn Cedrone discovered these steps as she prepared for and passed different sections of the CPA Exam using Gleim CPA Review. Learn from Kaitlyn’s experience and prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed by the CPA Exam by taking these steps.

How to Not Be Overwhelmed During the CPA Exam Process

  1. Research to find the review course that works best for you.

    Relying on the right CPA study materials to help you pass the CPA Exam empowers you to take that first giant step away from feeling overwhelmed during the CPA Exam process. When she realized that her CPA review course was actually adding to her frustration rather than relieving it, Kaitlyn knew that course was not working for her. “On my path to complete the CPA Exam, I initially purchased [another review course] because my firm offered a discount on their product, and I didn’t research other like products. I found [the other review course] to be too overwhelming, and I was failing my exams left and right because I couldn’t keep up.” Knowing she needed a different course to lead her to CPA Exam success, Kaitlyn began to explore other options. “A coworker of mine joined our firm and told me that she had used Gleim to pass the exams. She spoke very highly of [the Gleim] system, particularly the fact that it is actually one-third the price of [the other review course]. I ended up purchasing your product and immediately found it to be much less overwhelming and extremely manageable.” Going the route of the right review course for her allowed Kaitlyn to find relief from feeling overwhelmed.

  2. Work systematically through your review course.

    A good CPA review course helps you set up a personalized CPA study plan that you can actually follow to complete the CPA Exam process. Once you have a workable study plan in place, you should continue to heed the layout of your CPA review course to make sure you learn everything in a timely fashion. Kaitlyn stayed on track to pass the CPA Exam by utilizing the various study materials the Gleim CPA Review course includes. “The 20 chapter breakdowns, Personal Counselors, and calendar for each exam have made all the difference in my studying. I am especially grateful for the test prep review where I can build my own multiple choice testlets on weak areas.” Like Kaitlyn, take advantage of the specific and varied components within your CPA review course that work best for you.img_1030

  1. Study daily for a manageable amount of time.

    The information you learn from your CPA review course won’t enter your long-term memory unless you study regularly. Therefore, you really should devote a set amount of time in your daily schedule to studying. You should try to spend about 20 hours a week working through your CPA review course, and you should break this total number of hours down into 1 ½ to 2 ½ hour study sessions to complete each day. To ensure that you are able to fit this amount of study time into your week, use an interactive CPA study planner. Then, write your study sessions in your weekly planner and treat them like appointments. When scheduling your study sessions, choose to crack into your CPA review at a time when your mind is best suited to studying. For example, if you are not a morning person, you shouldn’t schedule your study sessions at the start of the day. Instead, plan to study in the afternoon or evening.

  2. Make passing the CPA Exam a team effort.

    The CPA Exam is a sizable challenge, so you shouldn’t go it alone. To get the much needed support you need to rise to the occasion, share your CPA Exam study schedule with your friends and family. Or if you prefer, look to local or online CPA Exam study groups to keep you accountable and to stay encouraged. Finally, don’t forget to communicate with the CPA experts to which Gleim CPA Review gives you access. These experts, called Personal Counselors, are always ready to answer your questions and administer trusted CPA Exam advice. Due to receiving so much invaluable assistance, Kaitlyn gave a shout-out to the Personal Counselors when she recalled all the Gleim resources she depended on for her own CPA Exam success.

  3. Keep your spirits up!

    Positive thinking is key to CPA Exam success. Harboring negativity for the duration of your CPA Exam journey only fills your mind with bad thoughts that leave less room for important exam concepts. To maintain hope and motivation while preparing for the CPA Exam, visualize success by acknowledging any self-deprecation and taking a different approach to your efforts. A more positive approach may include jotting down notes while you study, making your own flashcards, watching video lectures while following along in your book, or explaining what you have learned in your own words. In some cases, a different approach to the CPA Exam process may even involve transitioning to another CPA review course, just like Kaitlyn did. Kaitlyn says, “I was entrenched in studying for these exams for about two years with no light at the end of the tunnel. That all changed with Gleim. I gave myself about 2 ½ weeks to study for BEC using Gleim and I passed the first time.” As you can see, sometimes you need to make a change to make progress, so don’t get discouraged so soon. Stay positive!

The Right CPA Review Course for the CPA Exam Process

Though Kaitlyn consistently failed the CPA Exam sections with her old review course, switching to the right CPA review course boosted both her belief in herself and her progress with the CPA Exam. “[I] am confident that I will now pass using your system. Hindsight is 20/20, and I wish I had purchased Gleim first. If my story can reach one person and help inspire them to stay focused and motivated, I will count it as a success.”

To avoid feeling overwhelmed during the CPA Exam process, learn from Kaitlyn’s experience and discover Gleim CPA Review today. Gleim CPA has over forty years of experience equipping candidates with deep comprehension that allows them to reach the levels of knowledge that the next version of the CPA Exam will test on starting April 2017. Our trusted and proven learning techniques combined with our exceptional coverage and authentic exam-emulation can prepare you to pass any version of the CPA Exam. Start exploring Gleim CPA Review by signing up for a free CPA demo!