CPA Score Release

cpa score release

As a CPA candidate, your exam score is something you’ll think about a lot: definitely before and after you sit for an exam section, and maybe even during that time (stop doing that: you need to focus on the exam!).

Before you sit, you’ll be thinking about doing everything you can to earn a CPA passing score, and after you sit, you’ll be waiting for it. At some point, you will wonder how to get your CPA Exam score once it’s been released.

Well, wonder no longer: keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the CPA score release.


  1. When Are CPA Exam Scores Released?
  2. What Time Are CPA Scores Released?
  3. How Are CPA Exam Scores Released?
  4. How Do I Check My CPA Score?
  5. What is the CPA Exam Passing Score?
  6. Why am I Still Waiting for My CPA Score?
  7. When Does My CPA Exam Score Expire?
  8. What Should I Do Until the CPA Score Release?
  9. How Can I Have a Positive CPA Exam Score Release?

When Are CPA Scores Released?

The CPA Exam score release is a time of great emotion but also of great mystery. Most candidates anxiously await the score of their recent exam section(s), but the exact moment they will receive that score is not always a sure thing.

According to the AICPA, the first CPA score release for a testing window is typically in the first week of the second month of the testing window, and usually every two weeks after the initial release. At this time, a testing window includes the first two months of a calendar quarter and the first ten days of the third month.

Following this schedule, there would be five score release dates per testing window.

Here’s what the 2019 CPA Exam score release dates look like so far:

Q1 2019 CPA Exam Score Release Dates

If you take your Exam on/before

And the AICPA receives your examination data files from Prometric by 11:59 pm (EST) on

Target score release date

January 20

January 20

February 5

February 14

February 14

February 26

February 28

February 28

March 8

March 10

March 11

March 19


Q2 2019 CPA Exam Score Release Dates

If you take your Exam on/before

And the AICPA receives your examination data files from Prometric by 11:59 pm (EST) on

Target score release date:

April 20

April 20

May 7

May 15

May 15

May 23

May 31

May 31

June 11

June 10

June 11

June 19


However, the release of a new edition of the CPA Exam can scramble up the CPA Exam score release dates. When changes come to the exam, the AICPA usually needs more time to statistically validate candidate performance and determine a passing score, so they push back the score release dates.

In 2017, the CPA Exam received significant changes that delayed the 2017 score releases dates and reduced the total number of release dates as well. On April 1, 2018, the CPA Exam again experienced changes that disrupted the 2018 CPA Exam score release dates.

As you can see in the tables below, the CPA Exam score release dates for the first quarter of 2018 adhered to the pattern of 5 score release dates. The score release dates for the other quarters of 2018 demonstrate that the 2018 CPA Exam changes that arrived in April impacted the Q2, Q3, and Q4 score release dates.

2018 CPA Exam Score Release Schedule

January/February/March 2018 (Q1) Testing Window

If you take your test on/before:

And the AICPA receives your examination data files from Prometric 11:59pm (EST) between:

Target score release date:

January 20

January 1 – January 20

February 6

February 28

February 15 – February 28

March 8

March 10

March 1 – March 11

March 20

March 10

*After March 11

March 23

April 1 – June 10 (Q2) Testing Window

If you take your Exam on/before:

Target score release date is:

April 1 – June 10

AUD, FAR, REG: June 28 and BEC: June 29

July 1 – September 10 (Q3) Testing Window

If you take your Exam on/before:

Target score release date is:

July 1 – August 31

September 11

September 1 – September 10

September 19

October 1 – December 10 (Q4) Testing Window

If you take your Exam on/before:

Target score release date is:

October 1 – November 31

December 11

December 1 – December 10

December 19

After the AICPA announces the release of a new exam version, the association offers targeted CPA Exam score release dates as early as possible, but these dates inevitably change as the quarter draws closer. You may hear that the date you circled, starred, or highlighted on your calendar has since changed, so you should try to hold out on intense longing and impatience as long as you can.

In the meantime, you can continue to check on the projected CPA Exam score release dates and learn about the score release system until you have your exam score in front of you.

What Time Are CPA Exam Scores Released?

The AICPA uses Eastern Standard Time as the basis for all CPA Exam score release dates and times. The scores for exam sections completed by both domestic and international candidates follow the same score release timeline.

After a candidate finishes an exam section, Prometric passes the examination data files along to the AICPA within 24 hours. If the AICPA receives an exam score after the cutoff date, the AICPA reveals that score on the next scheduled CPA Exam score release date.

Unlike the AICPA, NASBA uses Central Time for their score release information. Following NASBA on twitter is a great way to stay updated on all of their score releases.

How Are CPA Scores Released?

Once the AICPA receives the exam scores for a specific time period from Prometric, the AICPA sends these scores to NASBA. NASBA then delivers the scores to the state boards of accountancy, doing so on specific dates that fall within the testing windows during which candidates can sit for the CPA Exam.

How Do I Check My CPA Exam Score?

When the CPA Exam score release date arrives, there are two ways to get your score. Some CPA state boards of accountancy have partnered with NASBA to provide CPA Exam scores to candidates, so if your state board offers NASBA’s online score retrieval service, you must visit NASBA’s website to discover your score.

On the other hand, if your state board handles the process of sharing exam scores with their candidates, you will receive your exam score from them.

Some state boards post the scores on their website and then email their candidates, so you would be able to check your CPA Exam score online once you receive the email. Some state boards also mail candidates their scores in a letter, while other boards only reveal exam scores via letter.

For example, if you’ve completed the CPA Exam application process for the California Board of Accountancy (CBA) and will receive your score during the California CPA Exam score release, the CBA will post your score in your online client account.

If you’re looking for your Kentucky CPA Exam score, you’ll find it on the state board website and receive a paper copy in the mail. To retrieve your Maryland CPA Exam score, you must log in to Maryland’s online CPA Exam system.

To discover how your state board addresses CPA Exam scores, you should contact them directly.

What Is the CPA Passing Score?

The CPA passing score is 75, and the exam is not curved. The scores for each CPA Exam section are reported on a scale ranging from 0 to 99. Your CPA Exam score is not a percent correct score, and you should not interpret the score as a percentage.

The CPA Exam is a criterion-referenced test. That means that the AICPA uses preestablished standards to verify if a candidate has demonstrated the levels of knowledge and skill that the passing score expresses. The AICPA measures a candidate’s performance against these standards and holds each candidate to the same standards.

The AICPA considers a variety of factors to set the passing score. These factors include historical trends, changes in content, and input from the academic community and profession. The purpose of the CPA Exam is to ensure that candidates can meet the responsibilities of a CPA, so the AICPA has set the score in such a way that a candidate who gets the lowest possible passing score will still positively reflect the profession.

Why Am I Still Waiting for My CPA Exam Score?

While most state boards release scores on the designated CPA Exam score release dates, some state boards require about one week of additional time to process and post-exam scores. Additionally, if you took the BEC CPA Exam section, you will have to wait a little longer for your score.

Grading the BEC Written Communications usually involves a thorough analysis that delays the final score.

When Does My CPA Score Expire?

Credit for passing a CPA Exam section lasts for 18 months. Once you pass your first exam section, you will have 18 months to pass the other three. If you do not pass all four sections within 18 months, you will lose credit for the first section you passed.

For example, you took AUD on November 15, 2018, and passed. Subsequently, you took REG on February 15, 2019, and FAR on April 15, 2019, and passed those two sections. You then have until May 14, 2020, to pass the remaining section (BEC); otherwise, you will lose credit for AUD.

On August 14, 2020, if you have not yet passed BEC and re-passed your first section (AUD), you will lose credit for REG.

What Should I Do Until the CPA Exam Score Release?

You can’t just sit around when you’re waiting for the CPA Exam score release. You need to keep moving forward toward CPA Exam success. Don’t put your studies for your remaining CPA Exam sections on hold until you get your exam score.

Instead, stick with your CPA Exam study plan and shift your focus to the next exam section on your schedule. While your CPA Exam score may determine which section you take next (if you experience a CPA Exam section fail, you may want to retake the same section), you should still keep reviewing so you stay in study mode and don’t waste time.

Even if you have to switch to studying a different exam section after you get your score, you will have made some progress with the section you started studying for, so you’ll be more familiar with that content when you return to it.

How Can I Have a Positive CPA Score Release?

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