CPA Hot Topics 01/14/11 – System for Success

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I hope you are having a great 2011 so far. Remember, if you maintain a consistent study schedule, you will have the necessary discipline to pass the CPA exam. Our most successful candidates use our book CPA Review: A System for Success to assist in the development of a study schedule that works well for them.

If you ordered CPA Review material before January 11, 2011, you received a notice that CPA Review: A System for Success was not yet available because of information that had not yet been released by the AICPA. Beginning January 11, we began shipping the 2011 Edition with CPA Review orders, and shipped the new book to those clients who did not receive it initially. You can also access a pdf or html version of the booklet at the Gleim website.

When you receive this booklet, do not just put it aside. The System for Success should be an integral part of your studying process. Think of it as your CPA playbook. Football players have to remember dozens of plays for the vast amount of different circumstances they could be confronted with during a game. A playbook organizes these plays and helps the players know what to do in any circumstance. This helps them feel prepared, and feeling prepared makes them more confident at game time, resulting in an optimal performance.

In a similar fashion, you need to feel prepared and confident when you are taking the CPA exam, and the System for Success booklet is designed to do just that. It contains a multitude of information (without being overwhelming) about the content of the exam: when and where to take it, costs, question answering, time management, procedures at Prometric, etc.

I often receive questions from candidates that could be answered by a quick glance through the System for Success booklet. I don’t mind answering these, of course, but I always think about how the candidate already has this information right at his or her fingertips, with no need to wait for a response. For example, last week, a CPA candidate wrote in and was confused about how to answer the Research question in the Task-Based Simulation. I explained the process, but I also pointed out that Study Unit 5 in the System for Success contains detailed information about the simulations as well as screen shots. When I am asked where in their Review book certain items from the Content Specification Outlines (CSOs) are covered, I always direct them to Study Unit 2 of the System for Success, which contains complete cross-references between the CSOs and the Gleim study units for each section.

Stay focused. Once you have the System for Success in your possession, take the time to go over the proven game plan for passing the CPA Exam quickly. You’ll be glad you did.

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